Wearing OmniPod, wanting to swim! :-(

Hello all,
My son has been using the OmniPod for about 9-10 months. He use to be physically more active, but now he doesn't do much. I can tell that at times he wants to get in the pool. But he doesn't want to deal with the hassle. The Pod comes off when it gets wet. Is there any product in the market that he can use to cover and/or tightly secure the Pod before a swim? Something like a wet-suit. But of course you won't wear that in your community pool. I just want him to have options and live a normal life.


Exactly what you ordered: http://www.bands4life.net/

Thanks a lot, Dave. I'll share this with him. :-)

I will dab this on the adhesive patch after placing the pod on my skin if I plan to engage in a strenuous activity and no amount of sweat or water will pull it off. http://www.amazon.com/Skin-tac-adh-oz-Skin-Tac-H/dp/B001LZUWP6/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1409746510&sr=8-2&keywords=skin+tac

maybe people in this group can help you more:

Great. Thanks, Christopher. I just ordered one for him to try.
So, isn’t it too hard later on when you actually want to remove it?

Thank you. I will check that out for sure.

Great. Thanks, Christopher. I just ordered one for him to try.
So, isn't it too hard later on when you actually want to remove it?

There is another product called tac away that helps remove skin tac but I have always used alcohol wipes and they work just fine.

Great. Thank you very much.

I recommend this stuff for removing pods, infusion sets, CGM sensors, etc., whether skintac or any other adhesive enhancer is used:

Generously soak this stuff in to the pad, wait a few minutes, gently peel the device off. If you wait long enough, it’ll fall off.

Then, clean up the area with some isopropol alcohol. Your skin will love you for it.

If you just peel the device off like a band-aid, it will remove the top layers of skin down to the immature layer, leaving behind a red rash that can take several days to heal.

Thanks, Dave.
I'll have him try this.
Appreciate the help.

I am in the pool at least a half hour straight when I work out and have never had it come off.....unlike when I am sweating on land. As recommended, Skin Tac has been a life saver for me in the So Flo humidity. If it is in a more sensitive place such as inner thigh or back of arm, it does hurt a bit when you remove the pod, but again, the recommended products can solve that. (I have also heard of nail polish remover being used.) Good luck!

Wonderful. Thanks. This is exactly what he needs. The Pods don't stay for long.

my pleasure. I swear by Unisolve. saved my skin!

Not at all. Just requires a little more persistence. :slight_smile:

haha. Thanks.

We will try the alcohol wipes first then. Thank you.

Nail polish remover will work, but only because it's pretty nasty stuff -- acetone. Not good to expose significant quantities to your skin.

Acetone will dissolve almost anything. The only solvent I know of that is more "universal" than acetone is lacquer thinner -- that will dissolve stuff that even acetone won't.

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. Yeah, I don't want him to use acetone too often on his skin.