Tough WEEK with the D

So recently my ping broke. which put me on shots for a few days. my new ping came in which is GREAT and im thrilled. anyway, awhile ago i was employed with a hospital and it was a really stressful job for me, so my basal rates were super high to compensate for my stress! recently i quit the job because it was too much to handle and i didn’t like the experience i was getting. i had to go see my doctor, my sugar hasn’t been above 90 and it goes down to 40 a lot! so we’re messing around with my basal rates. i’ve gained somewhere around 10 lbs within this week because ive been eating more than normal (due to my lows). anyway im just venting. i thought this would be a good place to do it. haha just one of those days where its a little frustrating. but im still checking my BG every 2 hours or so. my doctor is prescribing me the dexcom for about a week or so, im thrilled. i loved it when i tried it, but my insurance won’t cover it. oh well!

the dexcom is an awesome tool. It can be frustrating at times but if something messes up just call them and they will fix it up. Sorry to hear about your problems, i know the stresses of working in a hospital. Until you get your dexcom, maybe you can write down your blood sugar readings for a couple days and see how you need to adjust your basal. I find the visual stuff always helps out.

anyways best of luck to you.

Yeah I have heard the minimed one sucks. Animas is working on a lot of new stuff, and they always do great products. The good things about the Dexcom is that you can easily make it last much longer than “recommended”. I can make mine last 14 days easily with some skin tac. Good luck to you, Things will work out I am sure.