Just got it and can’t wait to get it set up! I’m glad my current pod expires today so I can start playing with it right away.
7405-IMG_0370.JPG (434 KB)
7406-IMG_0372.JPG (395 KB)
7407-IMG_0373.JPG (812 KB)

Congrats Tim! Let us know how it goes.

when did you pre-order it? I pre-ordered mine the day they announced it…hope i get mine soon!!!

JEALOUS!!! I’m having my parents pre-order mine this weekend.

Oh, and Tim… where’d you get your “finger-pricker” (lol)? I want the one you have… but how do I get it?

Hey, how’d you get it before June 1?!
In one of your photos it looks like there is only a single battery for the new PDM - is that correct? Is it AA or AAA?

Nice! Can’t wait for ours!

Same batteries as the original PDM, and there are two of them.

The “Accu-Chek Multiclix” is the best “finger-pricker” I have ever used! I can keep it set at 1.5 on a scale of 0.5-5.5 and barely feel the stick at all. I got mine at a conference last year, but you can get them on-line; just Googled and this seems like the best price,

One day of use so far, and I’ve got to say the new PDM is a really nice upgrade from the original. Initial set-up only took a couple of minutes, basically just looking at my original PDM and transferring those settings to the new one. The color screen is much nicer to view, as I think everyone has expected. The button layout is a little different, but it only took a couple of moments to get used to the new flow. As has been mentioned previously, there is a light on the test port which you can turn on when you need it. Overall, size is about the same, but the feel of the unit in the hand is nicer, and a much improve visual interface. Haven’t had the chance to do a data transfer, need some data in it first, but having a USB cable should be a vast improvement.

Insulet/OmniPod are a fantastic partner of Team Type 1. I’m sure everyone will have their new PDM’s really soon, June 2??? Please let me know if you have any specific questions which I can try and answer for you about the new PDM.
7416-IMG_0378.JPG (524 KB)
7417-IMG_0379.JPG (435 KB)


Thank you for sharing the Pic’s! I am excited. I see they gave you a started kit with 2 extra pods, thats awesome. My next pod shipment is due out on June 3rd; hope the new PDM will be included.

I will still miss the carrying case very much!

It fits in the original case pretty well.

Well it seems abit silly not to make a case when insult knows we have to carry this device around all day everyday

I got mine a few days ago too, and it was the same day I was supposed to change my pod…so I hurried to get my info switched over and I was up and running w/ the new PDM. I like the color screen a LOT. As Tim said, the buttons are different but very easy to get used to…turning the device on and off is a little more effort than the quick effortless button on the old one, but I’m sure it will get easier with use.
I have googled the crap out of silicone cases and omnipod, and can’t come up with anything–seems like the company would make some (and at least sell them if they won’t provide them…I think they’d definitely make their money back in my opinion :slight_smile:
I measured the device and the screen size, and spent some time searching for silicone phone cases that come close to fitting it (and have an outlet hole in the bottom for the test strips, etc). The Blackberry 8700 series and the Blackberry 7200 series (7250/7290) seem to match pretty well. I plan on trying to pick one up to see how it goes…might have to modify it a bit b/c the screens are laid out in a little bit different spots, but that’s not a huge deal.
The screen seems a little more robust than the previous version, but I took an extra screen protector for my phone and cut it down to size–seems to work really well.
Hope that everyones’ comes in the mail soon–I think you’ll enjoy them!

How does the thickness of the new PDM compare with the old one? I just carry mine in my pants pocket, so I’m interested on how this one will feel relative to the old one.

When I ‘pre-ordered’ mine the customer service rep assured me (after speaking with her supervisor) that the new PDM would have a case. Makes me annoyed to think that she lied to me.


I don’t have my old one w/ me to compare, but I think it’s a tiny bit thinner…It’s actually 15/16" thick, if that helps. 4.5"x2.5"x15/16"

It really is just a tiny bit thinner. Hope these pictures help.
7414-IMG_0375.JPG (409 KB)
7415-IMG_0376.JPG (350 KB)

WowI guess she assumed there would be or outright lied as I knew there was no case a month ago when I posted the info on it in a different thread when my trainer showed it to me!

let us know how the hunt for a case turns out I hope to get my new pdm soon thanks