New pump tomorrow

So I have my endo appointment tomorrow at 445 and I’m getting the Medtronic Minimed 670g. Do any of you guys have any suggestions or tips? I’m coming from Animas OneTouch Ping :sunny:️:sunny:️ Thanks, guys !

UPDATE: 9-29-17
I have the Medtronic Minimed 670g !!! It’s so fancy , I cannot believe how advanced technology has become with T1D !! They did not , however , send me any of my supplies or my CGM , I’ll be getting those on Monday hahah


Yes, get some Sure-T samples!

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@Dave44 thank you !! I’ll make sure to ask (:smile:

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I hear the 670 is a whole new animal, put your trainers phone number on speed dial.

Medtronic should have a version of the Animas sets you are using now, the same company makes the sets for most pumps. If you don’t like nylon cannulas the Sure T is a good alternative.

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The manual mode auto-suspend is fantastic. I suggest digging in a piece at a time. I have had mine 3 days and I have adjusted bolus and sensitivity for each pump setting so far. Keep at it.

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Thanks dude ! In about 6 hours I’ll be getting it, super excited and thank you for the suggestion !! <3

I am receiving a new pump today as well, also to replace my Ping. Mine will be a Tandem X2 though… Training on it is not until next Thursday, I am not entirely sure I’ll be able to wait until then to give it a go :smile:

I hope I’m not expected to pump saline for days again. I’ve been on an Animas for about 10 years. I am excited to bump up the tech and include some CGM too.

good luck with the 670, we’ll have to compare notes down the road.


Have you seen this discussion by @DrBB ? May be worth reading through for lots of nifty tips. Good luck!

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Defintely !! And in the meantime I’ll have to do my research on the Tandem X2 :wink:

Very intriguing , I’ll definitely ask my endo about these things. My training is today with my endo due to personal circumstances :grin: Thank you for that by the way !!

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I’ve posted a couple of threads on my experience with the 670G so far, but here are a couple of top-level things:

  • Be patient. This is going to be more like when you first switched from MDI to a pump than like just changing from one pump brand to another. You’re going to run high for a while because the process of getting it dialed in is very incremental and the medicos, as always, are far more concerned about lows than highs. It takes everyone a while to get the Auto Mode thing optimized for your personal needs and metabolism. Weeks, even months, not days.

  • A lot of the terms you’re familiar with–carb ratio, sensitivity, active insulin time–don’t apply in the same way you’re used to. This is because the whole logic of how this thing works isn’t the same. The fact that it’s targeting a certain BG level rather than running fixed basal rates changes everything.

  • They start everyone with pretty conservative settings. AIT is particularly crucial, and you’ll probably want to shorten it up quite a bit as you get acclimated to this thing. If you’re used to tight control, I’d push for that sooner than later.

  • CGM accuracy–just as an FYI: I wore my existing Dexcom G5 as well as the Guardian 3 sensors for my first week. I found the Guardians were at least as accurate as the G5 (neither is perfect) and had far fewer dropouts (a critical consideration, given CGM data is 100% required for Auto mode.

  • If you’re on Facebook, join the Medtronic 670 Users and Medtronic 670 Support groups.

My good news: I’m now in my 3rd week on Auto Mode, started tweaking my own settings earlier this week to make the thing deal more aggressively with my highs, particularly the Dread Pirate Dawn Phenomenon. This morning I saw the best numbers I’ve had since going on Auto Mode, finally looking more like what I was seeing before starting on it, though it required going past some “You’re setting is Not Normal” warnings to get there.

Good luck and let us know how it’s going!


Thank you so much !! This is honestly probably going to save my sanity sooner or later haha , I’m actually thinking about vlogging my experiences with the Medtronic 670g :smile: Will definitely let you guys know :wink:

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Going from another pump and CGM to the 670G in manual is the first step. The biggest change will be using the Medtronic CGM with its calibration requirements. You need to run in manual mode at least a week or so for the pump to learn to “learn you and your body”. The move to Auto will take some getting used to. That’s probably when you need your trainer’s number on speed dial.

Best of luck - it is a process.