Pumping again

Yea, back on pump albeit my old 530g but that’s all right worked great for me before and used to it. Made changes to settings to match what I am doing now on mdi, emailed endo with changes I made, he called me back after hours and went over what I was doing and was glad I am getting back up to speed on my diabetes care.
WOULDN’T BE POSSIBLE WITHOUT ALL YOUR HELP. THANK YOU!!! And don’t worry I still will be asking stupid questions.

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I like my 530G but alas, it’s on borrowed time. The warranty period expired in early December and I really don’t think I will get a 630/670. And I have issues with tandem’s pump also. I wish I could just get another brand new 530G. Had I been out of warranty in October instead of December I could have ordered a new 530G, but around Oct they stopped selling it. Grrr.

Yea mine goes out in 8/19. Looking on going tandem/dexcom. Talked with my doc today and we got on topic of pumps, told him I don’t like the 670 hard bg range and sensor performance. Told me he gets Medtronics was coming out with upgraded later this year that is supposed to address issues. Not starting rumors, just saying.

new pump or vastly better sensor? I HATE, absolutely HATE the Medtronic sensor/xmiiter form factor. I thought tiny would be good, but I couldn’t keep them on in the heat, no matter what/how much extra tape, and they itched and irritated. I can’t feel my G5–totally comfortable and stays on way better. The larger size doesn’t bother me like I expected.

No specifics, I was complaining on both when he told me. But he does also own a diabetes research center so he’s pretty up on things.

Medtronic says the 690g will be FY 2020 (which I think runs July 2019 ~ July 2020 maybe??) but they still have not started the clinical trial for it.

I don’t think Medtronic has published timeframes on their sensor improvements but they have described them as:

We’re also making advancements in our CGM sensors and expect a steady cadence of innovation that will drive non-adjunctive labeling, reduce the need for calibration, make the sensor smaller and longer lasting or while using cognitive computing to enhance personalized insights for the patient.

EDIT: I am assuming the “cognitive computing” is the IBM Watson with the Medtronic Sugar.IQ which is for the stand-alone cgm which is only for MDI that offers the stated capability to predict hypoglycemia up to four hours in advance. Although perhaps I misunderstand what they mean by “cognitive computing” - always possible. Marketing material often leaves me quite dazed and confused.

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