New Study about Experiences in Hospital

NEW STUDY at Stanford University!

(this is an interesting one!!!)

Stanford University is looking for people with diabetes who have been hospitalized or gone to an emergency department in the last year. They have a survey about experiences with diabetes technology in the hospital setting.

PLEASE share your experiences!!!


Hey that looks like a fun one I might qualify for. Could you please post a link to the source page you found for the study? The link posted is for a preview of the survey, not the survey itself.

I’m not home right now but it was posted today on the Children with Diabetes site under Studies.

I found the CWD page with the link you found then went searching for the published survey. The only thing google found was this tweet

Survey link

It’s not a published study. It’s research under Dr. Rayhan Lal at Stanford University School of Medicine. Do you need further info?

You are right so I fixed my post. Thank you.

I have posted here about a visit to a local emergency department and subsequent stay in the hospital. I was not allowed to treat my T1D myself. The hospital did not have my long-term imsulin (Tresiba) and demonstrated they did not undersand how to treat T1Ds to maintain healthy BG levels. So for 4 days my BG ran betwen 250 - 400. I pleaded that someone who understands T1D intervene and write better orders, but was ignored. This is a major hospital in the San Francisco East Bay and I was just amazed at how incompetent they were about T1D.

I cannot participate in the study since this was more than a year ago, but I sure hope others with recent similar experiences do participate. Others have posted here that studies have shown healing is improved when BG levels are normalized.


I am so happy to see that someone is looking into this. I can’t participate in the study since I have avoided hospitals for a while. I am scared to death of being admitted as an inpatient - my HMO has it’s own hospital and their policy is that patients with T1D have to turn over their pumps, CGM’s and meters to hospital staff. The hospital uses R and Nph insulins only (and even though it is IV, those insulins are still unpredictable), the target bg is 180+. I could go on, but I won’t. I hope Stanford comes through for us.