New to forum type 2 past 4 years

I was first on trajenta a I have severe chronic kidney disease and other oral meds were not safe for a kidney pt. I have been on toujeou this past 3 years and started humalog as well 2 years ago . I’m hoping to get approved for an insulin pump and a continous glucose monitor as my blood sugers seem to flucuate to much and I’m hoping to preserve what kidney function I have left with close observation . I’m a retired nurse and have a hubby whom has been on a pump for the last 6 years I feel comfortable with using a pump if I’m approved .Wish me luck with my goals



I hope you can get these, asap. They both helped me significantly. I use dexcom G4 and medtronic 723.

What pump does your husband have ? And which one do you want ?

My hubby has the new medtronic 630 I’m hoping for one the same model

I’ll add my endorsement of starting a pump and CGM. I especially like the CGM idea because it will educate you about how your glucose metabolism works, Good luck!

You may be interested in reviewing Tandem pump with dexcom as alternative. There have been many discussions on this lately. Probably what i will get next, after 20 years using Medtronic (with dexcom).

I also think I read somewhere that medtronic 630 has or will be upgraded to work with newer medtronic sensor, Guardian.

I was contacted by the Medtronic rep , he stated they are hoping to get Medicare approval for their CCM by the middle of next year

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This could be nonsense, but if I had kidney disease, I’d go full keto and lower protein. They did a mouse study.