New to Freestyle Libre 14 day US


I just started using the 14 day sensor. I have a ten day on the left arm and a 14 day on the right arm. Here are my observations:

  1. The 14 day sensor is identical in form, fit, and application to the 10 day sensor;
  2. The 14 day sensor must be started using the reader, just like the 10 day sensor.
  3. The 14 day sensor cannot be read by my phone, excluding the use of Glimp or Diabetes:M applications;
  4. The 14 day sensor reads nearly the same as the 10 day sensor - in other words, I read one, then the other, and they give nearly the exact same number. I conclude that the 14 day sensor is just as inaccurate and unreliable as the 10 day sensor;
  5. The 14 day reader uses the same test strips as the 10 day sensor;
  6. The 14 day reader provides the same reading from a manual finger stick test as the 10 day reader;
  7. A one month supply of the 14 day sensors (2 each) costs me the same as a one month supply of the 10 day sensors (3 each);

I conclude that the only difference between the 10 day sensor and 14 day sensor is that they are programmed differently, so as not to be interchangeable. They are, from my short experience, identical in ever other regard.

I’m at a loss as to what the benefit of moving to the 14 day sensor might be. Does anyone know what advantages there might be?

Because the 14 day sensor cannot be read by my phone, I can’t use Diabetes:M or Glimp to overcome its inaccuracies. I’m inclined to go back to the ten day sensor until the 14 day sensor can be read by my phone.

I’d be interested to know the experience of others in the US who have switched to the 14 day sensor.


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The one hour warmup makes life easier

It has been working great for my wife lately - the ten day worked well also - initially it was a disaster and I almost threw the reader in the trash - the last 5 months have been fine - saved a lot of lows -

she is down to one stick in the morning mostly

There is an apple app to read the 14 day with the android app still in the works

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I did the same thing at first; when switching to the 14-day sensor I still wore the 10-day on my other arm. However I do not use my phone to read my sensor. I’m fine with using Libre’s Reader, and I don’t want to have to unlock my iPhone if I feel the need to scan in front of my students, while teaching. I’d rather keep my phone hidden.
The one-hour warm-up is what sealed the deal for me. Often I put off changing my sensor until after I’ve dealt with an entire work day or I’ve finished feeding and changing my one year old, so not having to wait half a day for results is the best. If you don’t mind doing finger sticks and you prefer using your phone to scan, then I would switch back to the 10-day if I were you.

The one hour warm-up in crucial for people in my situation. I have reactive hypoglycemia, so going 12 hours without an CGM system is very difficult for me. My blood sugar sits around 60-70 all day and 40-50 at night, so going 12 hours without a reading 3 times a month compared to 1 hour twice a month is crucial.
My iPhone reads my 14 day accurately.
I’d rather decrease the number of times I insert/ remove. My skin is sensitive, so it does hurt a bit!
I love my Libre.

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Regarding the warmup period, I am able to activate my ten day sensor and then immediately read it with my phone. The warmup period is enforced on the official reader device. I find the ten day sensor gives about the same reading right after activating as the 14day sensor after the enforced one hour warmup. I don’t perceive any difference between the two devices with regards to warmup, but I only use the official reader to activate, not read the ten day sensor.

What phone app do you use to read it

I use glimp to see the raw sensor data and diabetes:m for integrated views of my Libre sensor, contour next glucometer and my fitbit.

Hope that helps

The Freestyle Libre app on my IPhone told me that one sensor was bad and needed to be replaced. Four hours later, the app on my IPhone told me the next sensor was bogus too.

I got both sensors replaced by Abbott.

I use the sensor with the little Reader it comes with. Never had a bad-sensor-replace-it warning.


I found glimp to be useless - even tried a spreadsheet averaging glimp and the reader to help predict future readings

glimp does not work with the USA 14 day

there is an app called liapp - also useless (for me)

diabetes M will not load on my phone even thou they say it is comparable

Hi, yes I appreciate what you are saying. I like diabetes :m for nearly everything, but it doesn’t show raw values. For a short time I want to compare raw values from my ten day sensor and my fourteen day sensor. I am looking forward to diabetes :m aging the new encryption into their software so they can read the fourteen day sensors.

The good people at Diabetes:M responded to my email (in two days, wooo) asking when they will support the 14 day sensor. I was told words to the effect that as soon as someone can crack the encryption, they’ll integrate it into their product. I’ve decided that I’m sticking with the 10 day sensor, since Abbot Labs has nothing for us in the USA like Librelink and does not allow helpful apps like Diabetes:M to use their 14 day sensors. Pity.

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