New to Omnipod

Hi! I just started with the Omnipod on Monday. I am 37 and have been Type 1 for 30 years. I was always resistant to a pump because of the tubing but when I discovered the Omnipod system I decided pumping was definitely worth a shot. Its been a bit of a rough week, a lot of ups and downs (mostly ups) with my bg's and the first day my pod fell off in the shower, but I am hopeful that once the kinks are worked out it will make life a little easier. My question tonight is..I've noticed a clicking sound with my pod today, is that ok/normal? Thanks, happy to be introduced to this community.

I think it's normal, here's a little discussion about it

Thank you:)

I just started on Friday!!! YAY! we can go through this craziness together (granted you want to in case we need support in the beginning) (im not crazy lol) I just started pumping at the end of September with a TSlim......after much hassle, i had to choose the Tslim (or so i thought) because the Omnipod wasn't covered, and it was more expensive....until i called the same Diabetes Specialty company that sends out my Dexcom sensors, they asked if i need pods....after a long discussion, the rep i was assigned wasn't 100% honest, or helpful...Which i knew from the beginning 1 1/2 years ago when i started the process! Anyways Desirae Western was not helpful, but it turns out i could have received the Omnipod completely free, and had the 6 months of pods covered since i had met my deductible! I made a couple calls, signed up for the Cut the Cord program for only 199 got the PDM, and had them send 3 months worth of pods :) I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy!!!! I love the pods after only a few days, even through the kinks, and everything i have had!!

END OF long pointless rant.... OMNIPOD is the way to go, and i do hear the clicking as well, they told me that is when the pod is turning to deliver some of your basal!! :) Good luck, feel free to contact me!! I would love to have someone to chat with about the ins and outs of starting!
Hopefully i didn't scare you away!

Welcome to the world of pumping! Regarding your pod falling off, I found that when I first started on Omnipod my pods would somehow find all kinds of ways to fall off. Thankfully, as I became more familiar with the system they stopped getting knocked off. Just make sure you apply the pod to a clean dry area. About the clicking and other noises your pump will make, learn to enjoy it cause its not gonna go away :).