New to Pumps

Hi, I am probably not going to get a pump for a while, but have been researching a fair amount in anticipation..

I read that Animas is going to release the Vibe (but only god knows when) which also has CGMS, but no remote!

I admit the remote feature is what initially attracted me to the Ping, but when I heard that they would be releasing a device that has CGMS, I though I'd like that too.

But here's my question.. if you get the Animas Ping, is there a wireless CGM that it works well with?

you bet, the Dexcom 7 plus

The Dexcom 7 Plus. The problem with this unit is that this unit is separate and independent of the ping. It works independently on its own and does not work with the ping like the vibe does.

The dexcom is a separate device, but I don't see it as a problem. I use my meter/remote like 99% of the time, and am hoping that we can eventually get the nice color one that's available everywhere BUT here. The dex is pretty slim; I usually just slip it in a pocket, and clip my pump to my jeans waistband. When I very occasionally don't wear jeans, I usually put the Ping in a 'thigh thing' (band around the thigh with a pocket for the pump, and a garter to hold it up). The dexcom receiver fits in even a tiny purse.

LOVE my pink Ping, and my Dexcom :)

I use the Dexcom with the Ping…and though they do work independently, together they make a pretty good system. What will improve with the Vibe…hopefully, is carrying less equipment, and an auto basal suspend for low blood sugars. The Dexcom is a more accurate device and has accuracy through 14+ days of service.

My only complaint about the Dexcom, is that the unit itself is lightly constructed with some elements a tad flimsy…the power/data connection is a particular weak point. This will be eliminated if integrated along with the Ping into the Vibe.

Couldn’t do everything I do without it…and looking forward to the Vibe.

I am another Dexcom 7+ and Ping user. They are great together. Remember if you get the same number on a finger stick and the CGM (not CGMS - that is a four letter word from Medtroic <>) you should have played the lottery. They should be within 20% of each other but if they are dead-on it is rare. I have been on a Dexcom 7+ for almost 3 years and a Ping for almost 4 years.

I am a ping user also and am now a dexcom 7 plus junkie for a mere 2 weeks. I agree that they are rarely on the same number. but the trend info is so valuable it gives you a heads up way before u go high or low