New to the website! NOT diabetes :P

Right well I come from a small town in Ireland and there is not many diabetics here that are around my age so I decided to see if there was any on-line communities that I could join just to share my experiences with diabetes and to find out what other people thought of it too! So here we go!
I was diagnosed at the age of 5 with Type 1 diabetes. No body in my family has suffered from diabetes so I am now the carrier for my children and their children and their children and so on :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve only ever been hospitalised once. I was diagnosed in May and was admitted to hospital for high sugar levels in December but since then I have never been hospitalised in the 12 years I have. I suppose its a good thing! I have never fainted and I’ve only had a ‘bad’ hypo maybe 3 times?! Who ever has decided to read this must think wow this girl really has it under control! Well I don’t! I think it is the hardest thing to manage! I started off on 2 injections a day and then when I was 13 my doctors decided to change my routine to 4 injections a day because it would be more ‘flexible’. I was on Levimir and Novorapid. For about a year I was getting VERY sore red lumps in my things and upper arms. I love my skinny jeans! I couldn’t wear them because of the sore spots. So anyway they changed me to Lantus then and since then I have no problems with Lantus :smiley:
For the past year I have been BEGGING my doctors can I PLEASE get an insulin pump because I find myself during the day not bothering to take my shots or if I’m out with friends I just couldn’t be bothered taking them but I do feel guilty afterwards but that’s beside the point! So yeah I’ve asked so many times and I have done so much research on different types but all they say is we are only giving them out to younger patients who can’t recognise when they are going hypo and the hospital in which I attend does not have enough ‘funds’. Did I mention I live in the Western part of Ireland. Yeah the Irish healthcare in my opinion is an utter disgrace! I know people from the east, Dublin, wexford, etc. that have been put on the pump 2 years ago but they have it because the HSE likes the more Dublin-area! I really p***es me off!
Anyway I think that is enough from me! I think I will keep this blogging up as I think I like sharing my stories! You don’t have to read them its only going to be for personal use but if you do read them GREAT :smiley:
-Ali :slight_smile:

Welcome Ali :wink: So sorry you can’t get the pump! Keep blogging, we’ll keep reading.

I realise the problem with the multiple injections. I am the same - start out with good intentions but forget, don’t have time, am too low at meal times etc so eat and then forget to put in insulin. The good thing about the pump is that it will sense when you need to make adjustments and it is a constant drip.

Just because you are diabetic it does not mean that you will pass it on to your children. They may have it, but you may have got it because of a virus or some other reason. It is not always hereditary so rest assured. When it comes to the time of you having children they will monitor you closely.

Ali, I am sure that everyone on this site will tell you that being “in control” is a daily thing. Some days I am in control and some days I’m not. Just how it is for us, I guess.

Just keep reading and keep blogging. I find it is a great stress reliever. Reading that other folks have similar problems also takes the edge off a little.

Just remember…You Can Do It!!!

Thanks for yer support :smiley: