New year new site placement

I need to make my first insulin pump site change of the new year. I have always used my abdomen, but want to try a different spot.

Any suggestions?

I’ve sworn off the ab for a year (until Oct. 1, 2010) because of possible scar tissue (how in the heck can you tell for sure???)

I’ve always used other real estate but have overused the abdomen. I like the backs of my arms…more space there than you would expect.

I also do upper abdomen, love handle area of back, thighs and rear. I’ve cut back on rear sites because of possible scar tissue issues here as well. Again, we need a definative test of some sort.

A weird place I have used is also lower rear/upper back of leg. Not bad it the site os outside your “sitting area”.

I toggle back and forth between straight and angled sets. I have the most problems with kinked sets using angled set on thigh.

Rear end! Make sure that you sit while inserting so that you don’t insert into a place where you will sit on the site.

Or outer thighs!