Newbie: First High Risk OBGYN appointment?


I just found out that I'm pregnant (between 5 and 6 weeks) with #1, and am T1 since age 20 (am 31).

My endo recommended a high risk OBGYN, and I called to make an appointment, and they said my first one would be between 11-13 weeks.

Does this sound right to everyone? It seems sort of late to me...

(incidentally, the secretary asked me why I was high risk, and I said I'm type 1. She said "AND?")

This place is supposed to be one of the best in NYC... (but I'd love other recommendations of places/docs from anyone who lives in the area who has type 1...)

Thanks so much!


I saw my high risk OB-GYN earlier than that. She wanted to see me to do some blood work and sent me for an ultrasound (at 7 weeks) to confirm the pregnancy. Since then I have seen her every 4 weeks (I’m currently at 13 weeks). I do see my endo a lot more than the OB-GYN, but it does seem that 11-13 weeks is far away. Perhaps you can ask your endo if this is usual and if not, perhaps your endo could recommend someone else?

Hello, and CONGRATS! 11-13weeks definately doesn’t sound right. I had my first OB visit (and ultrasound) at 7.5 weeks pregnant and some other ladies on here have had visits even sooner than that. It’s very important to start seeing a high risk OB a.s.a.p. Maybe you should look into a doctor who specializes in diabetic pregnancies instead of a general high risk O.B? Good luck! :slight_smile:

I had my first OBGYN appointment and ultrasound at about 7 weeks with my regular OBGYN. He referred me to a high risk OBGYN and I saw them at about 11 weeks where they did another ultrasound and preformed various tests. I’m with Kristin though, talk to your Endo or regular OB and see what they have to say. Congrats and good luck!!

I should add that I only have one OB-GYN, who is high risk and I think mostly works with diabetic women (though this assumption is only based on the number of women that I see checking their blood sugar in the waiting room!). As Jenna suggested below, it may be enough to see the regular OB-GYN (if you have one), rather than the high risk one. My first visit with the OB-GYN was just standard pregnancy blood work I think (checking blood type, iron level, …).

Granite my pregnancy was almost 9 years ago... That does seem too long to wait. Not too sure about the bed side manners either. I had my first apt. around 7 weeks as well. Maybe see if your endo can reccomend a new OBGYN that fits your needs. You have to advocate for yourself!!! Dharma I wish you the best. It will seem like forever but it is worth everything.

Hi, no that doesn’t sound right I saw my high risk ob at 6 weeks, just a few days after i found i was pregnant… Maybe the secretary didn’t know what she was talking about, I would call back asap! Good luck!!

I dont thnk that sounds right either. I saw my regualr OB at like about 7 weeks, then I went back at a little over 8 weeks to reconfirm over cause they saw some bleeding…everything is ok…we have a little baby in there hanging in there…I also saw the peri (high risk) doctor at like 7.5 weeks for a consult. I didn’t really like them this time around. I use the same peri when I was pregnant with my son 5 years ago but I saw someone different in the practice I liked better. So, I am seeing another peri Jan 19, so by then I should be almost of the 1st trimester. I am seeing a regualr OB and a peri and an endo this time around…lots of doctors this time


I'm about 7 weeks along. I saw a regular OB at 6 weeks and will be seeing another regular OB at 8 weeks (b/c i am switching to a different OB practice). I was told the same thing as you --- high risk at 11 to 13 weeks. I called several high risk OBs (in Atlanta) and ALL of them wanted to see me around 11-13 weeks. I would definitely make an appointment to see a general practice OB/GYN to get an ultrasound, etc. (it seems most general OBs will see you between 6 and 8 weeks) in the meantime.

Thanks for all these comments. I called the peri back, and spoke to the nurse. We spoke for a long time, and basically she said I could see my regular OBGYN for the 7 week viability screen, and that I should frequently see my endo of course, but that they don't start care on anyone who doesn't have cervical issues until 11 weeks. So it's exactly as Natasha said... I feel a bit reassured, and will see my regular OBGYN for an ultrasound in 2 weeks. Crossing my fingers that it's a sticky bean! Thanks for the help!

I had my first OB appointment at 9 weeks and my first high risk OB appointment at 13 weeks. (I looked around for a high risk OB in Dallas that would take care of everything, but here, apparently, the two kinds of OBs do separate things.)