How was your first Obgyn Appointment?

My very first OBGYN appointment is coming up. I'm about 6.5 weeks along. I got hooked up with a highly reccomentded high risk OB that specializes in diabetic pregnancies and feel confident that I'm in good hands. I'm really anxious and nervous, though. What was your first OB appointment like and how are the others that follow? Thanks!

Ps: Transvaginal ultrasounds seem very intimadating to me! How were your experiences with that?

Hi Kathy, my first OB appointment was filled with alot of questions asked by my doc…questions like what were my fasting sugars running, do i excercise, etc… I also had an transvaginal ultrasound at 4 weeks and another one at 6 weeks (saw heartbeat), it wasn’t bad at all, your mind will be so focused on looking at the ultrasound machine you wont feel a thing…

I’ve had a few trans-v ultrasounds. They’re not scary at all. Take a deep breath. You get to see your little bean!

I had one at 6 weeks with a fertility doc and one with my OB at 9 weeks and one with my separate high risk OB at 13 weeks. The first trimester ones are really just about confirming a heartbeat and giving you literature about what lies ahead. Depending on how your OB and your endo divide your diabetes care, it’s hard to say what to expect. My OB and my high risk OB filled different niches, with one of them checking my measurements, weight, blood pressure, and the baby’s heartbeat and the high risk doc doing the ultrasounds and baby measurements. They left all of the diabetes decisions to my endo and CDE.

My first appointment was also at 6.5 weeks. It was GREAT. The transvaginal ultrasound was nothing. It didn’t bother me at all because you get to see the baby and the heartbeat! None of my friends got to experience this this early so it was really great.
The appointment made me settle down and feel much more confident about the pregnancy.
I also see a high risk OB that specializes in patients with diabetes. My doc is a part of the Joslin pregnancy clinic in Boston.

The trans vag is LESS uncomfortable then the speculum. It’s only about as big around as maybe a quarter. No biggie.

Hey! :slight_smile:
My first appointment, I was nervous, I am eighteen years old and in college and well just it was a lot to put on my mind.
I was around 4 week and 2 days when I went so unable to see anything. Since the doctor said I technically really haven’t missed my cycle yet even though I have it about every 23 days. I go again when I am 8 weeks on November 17. So I will probably have another transvaginal ultrasound done. Which wasn’t too bad, granted I was extrememly INTIMIDATED by it. Hopefully when I go at 8 weeks I will be able to see something. :slight_smile: Good luck!

Hi all,

I am about 5 weeks along and my first appointment is next Tuesday. I asked if they were going to do an ultrasound with me being high-risk, and she said they would do one at 8 weeks, which I was surprised about.

I’m so excited! I wish I didn’t have to wait three more weeks to see my itty bitty one!

I have a high risk obgyn as well that specializes in diabetic pregnancies, the first appointment like sharray says is filled with lots of questions, medicine being taken, sugar logs, exercise,family history, medical history, a paps mere if your due for one, he kind of gives u a mini physical, i had the transvaginal done its a lil cold and uncomfortable but like the others mentioned when you see ur little peanut on the screen it wasnt so bad!!. then blood and urine samples are taken in the lab to check for any diseases,your a1c,and other prenatal lab work needed. my other ones have been pleasant. i am only 13 weeks but i have had like at least 5 visits. due to the fact that im high risk and have had a previous miscarriage earlier in the year. my doctor is real good on seeing me when i have an issue. im documenting my pregnancy week to week on youtube if you want to follow a long it talks about my high risk pregnancy being a diabetic