Hi friends,
I am Gordon Corner, a newbie to this forum. Happy to join this forum and glad to meet you all.


Welcome welcome Gordon! There are lots of smart, helpful, supportive people here. Hope you find this place as helpful as I have! Feel free to tell us a bit about yourself if you like.

Hi Gordon, welcome to the community! If you look on the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll see a little green circle with the number “1” in it. That’s a private welcome message that will explain a lot about how things work around here.

feel free to join any conversations around here you fiind interesting

Welcome to the community, Gordon! I’ll echo the others is saying that you’ll find lots of support, good information and people who just “get it.” here! Hop in on any conversation or start one of your own if you have any issues you wish to talk about!


Welcome, Gordon. This forum will help you so much. It has me.

Welcome to the party Gordon! I first came here just over six years ago. I was desperate to understand what I was up against and what I could do about it. TU Diabetes is a single biggest reason I was able to do that. I have yet to ask a question here and not have someone be able to answer with their own experience and/or knowledge. Lots of good resources as well.