No Carb Challenge

Hello! My husband and I were talking last night about a way we would help raise money and awareness for diabetes as my 3 year old son was diagnosed a week ago. The topic came up as we were discussing the Ice Bucket Challenge which raises money and awareness for ALS. As we thought about different ideas we could challenge people to, the idea of challenge people to go without carbs for 3 days came up. Diabetics have to watch the carbs they eat and account for all of them so why not challenge other people to also watch what they eat for 3 days? Here's the guidelines...make a video of yourself explaining the challenge and post on Facebook (or make a status explaining the challenge) and tag 3-5 other people to join the challenge. If they don't accept the challenge in 24 hours, they have to donate $100 to JDRF (or another diabetes research organization of your choice) to help the research in finding a cure for diabetes. We have already seen others jump on board because who doesn't want to eat a little more healthy for a good cause!?! Use the hashtag #nocarbchallenge, #JDRF, and #3daynocarb so we can gain some momentum. Thank you!

I'm a bit confused. My father suffers from a variant of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) sometimes called Lou Gerhrig's disease. It is a terrible debilitating condition. I support your cause, but I'm confused, there really isn't a relationship between diabetes and ALS and JDRF certainly isn't investing in anything related to ALS. Wouldn't it be better to invest in ALS?

I believe she was using the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as an example of the type of viral diabetes awareness campaign she and her husband were thinking of starting. The challenge would be go without carbs for three days or donate money to JDRF.

Yes, you're correct Shadow Dragon! I'm not trying to compare diabetes to ALS in any way, Brian, just using the Ice Bucket Challenge as an example of what we are hoping to start in regards to diabetes.

I don't think most people are even aware of which foods have low/no carbs. I can't see how this would work. Unless someone had a close relationship with a person with diabetes, I don't think they would be motivated enough to try it.

Carbs- everyone needs them. No Carbs = No Energy. I tried it and was not any healthier for it. Education is the key I know. Some things surprised me in my carb counting...and then some things surprised me by not raising my glucose levels when they should have. I used the no carb approach when trying to fight my diagnosis...and it did not work.

Part of the point of it is to get people to be aware of how many foods have carbs in them. Diabetics have to count every carb that they eat so it was just a thought to have people raise awareness by taking a challenge of doing it for 3 days. Honestly, most everyone knows someone with diabetes.

I'm not diabetic, my son is and he's not doing the challenge. I think anyone could benefit from a 3 day detox of sugar even if it means less energy for a short amount of time. Doing something for 3 days never killed anyone, even if you're fasting and not eating at all (unless your a diabetic, don't try that).

If you don't want to support the challenge, that's fine, you don't have to. I wasn't really looking for critique on the challenge. If you'd like to support it and join in and challenge other people then great, if not, that's fine too.

Sorry for my misunderstanding. I do agree that everyone would benefit by working to break their addition to carbs.

All the best on the fund raising. Know how hard it is to rattle the donation tin at times so hope it proves fruitful for you and always good educating people of what we have to go through daily :)

Jericho's Mom - I'm sorry if my post made you feel criticized. Your son's diagnosis must have been devastating and I admire you and your husband so much for wanting to raise funds and awareness. I wish you and your son all the best in managing his illness.