No leather case or software?

I just got my Ping today… it didn’t come with the leather case, and the box included instructions to order the EzManager software from their website (which I took care of, but I was surprised to find it wasn’t in the box) - do these things not automatically come with the pumps any more?

I’d complain to your sales rep…all that stuff came with our ping and should be included with yours.

Yep, I got a rebuilt ping for trading in my Cozmo, and I got all of that (leather case and plastic belt clip, software.)
Call someone! Those things should be listed on the individual box contents.

They’re not listed on the box… it’s literally just the pump, the manual, and the contents of the meter-remote kit. I wonder if they’ve changed things. It’s not that I really want the leather case (not enough to ask, anyways), but I thought I was getting one, so it’s confusing!

I should point out that the software was free (and I needed to order some Skin-Tac and adhesive remover anyways, so it’s not a huge deal), but it seems silly to make me go and order that after the pump is here… I expected it to be in the box.

That’s weird! I would call and ask if things have changed. My came with all of those, a couple of sample insertion sets, and samples of IV3000 and Iv Prep. Did you at least get a pump workbook and DVD?

I got the pump workbook and “getting to know your ping” DVD… but no sample sets (I did ask for some contact detatch samples though).

I got mine recently and it came with everything Mandy said. You need to complain. Also, talk to the Rep who did your demo as I’ve found the Reps can do a lot for you. Animas owed me a box of Insets they called in because they were faulty. I get my supplies from CCS but because Animas wanted the box sent in, they are the ones who owed me a box. It got very messed up and a Rep who is a friend of my doctor found out and FedEx’s me a box. I wanted to try long tubing so he also threw in 2 Insets with long tubing and said to let him know if I ever need anything. Do you have a rep you work with?

I don’t have a local rep… my doctor faxed my order in directly, so I’ve been working with someone in PA.

Did you order it directly through Animas or a secondary provider. I wonder if it was another provider, if maybe it is a different package. Did you at least have an Animas trainer work with you when you started? I had to be trained by an Animas rep in person (actually 2). They are now my main contacts at Animas and are amazing!

You should have that too!

I am set to be “trained” at my Endo’s office today… I ordered directly through Animas too. I was given the option to work with an Animas trainer, but I already had my appointment set up with my CDE… I think they (meaning my endo’s office) prefer you do it that way, so they handle all of the follow-up and have it all on file.

I’m not sure what’s up with how different my order was/is from most… they MUST have changed things recently…

Something is wrong here. I believe that your pump came from a distributor and they have given you pieces of a pump with missing pieces. I had a similar problem and I made their life hell for it. I called Animas DIrect and asked for a Supervisor and Manager. I explained the problem and told them I wanted A NEW pump sent to me. I did not want a REFURB. since the pump was a week old. They sent me one directly from headquarters and it comes complete with the pump, case, clip, batteries, meter, cables, Ir Remote, Manuals and Cd DVD concerning the pump and meter. DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE… ANIMAS IS VERY GOOD IN CUSTOMER SERVICE IF YOU GET THE RIGHT PERSON THEIR.

No, mine came DIRECT from Animas. Please don’t insinuate that I am stupid and don’t know who I ordered from or how my pump was sent to me. I’ve never worked with anyone outside of Animas in the process of getting my pump. As of the beginning of September Animas has changed what is included in the box with NEW pumps (they have also changed their packaging too). This is what both my CDE and Animas have told me… you CAN still get the extra goodies that were previously included (at no charge), but you HAVE to ask for them… they don’t automatically come in the box anymore. That’s all. If you got your pump prior to Sep 1st, then you got the old packaging, with all of the extras.

First of all this forum is to help. Second of all I did not Insinuate that you are stupid. If you think that then you are way off base. Next two different associates became pumpers last week. They received all the same contents with the ping that people have said in the forum. Third of all there maybe different categories in other states. The VA and NYS medicare paid for our equipment. The bill of lading and medicare shows that these items have to be complete in the box that we all received. Or they will not pay for the item unless it is complete. Third of all we can take our kit back to VA, Neighborhood supply in NorthEast Region, or worse case situation to the manufacture. I hope that you solve your problem and situation.