Non diabetic condition question—flaking skin

This question is about a minor condition I get from time to time that I’m nearly certain has nothing to do with my diabetes. I just wonder if others also deal with it, what might cause it, etc. I can’t seem paste a pic.

The skin on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet flakes off every few months or so. It clears up by itself after a week or so. I don’t even feel it and I’m only curious about it, nothing further.

Any thoughts?

It could be from the diabetes or it could be from a thyroid insufficiency that has not been diagnosed. Or it could be from just plain dry skin during winter. In my case it is from all three. Use a moisturizing lotion.

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I was diagnosed with eczema just a few months after I was diagnosed with type 1.

It started in my ears , where I thought it was diabetes related later I got it in my eyebrows. So it moves around and I have had it on my palms too. It never lasts too long and it goes away.

Dandruff shampoo on the affected area helps to clear it up.

It is very common for type 1 people to get other auto immune diseases like eczema and rheumatoid arthritis.

I’m lucky my skin issues are rare and transient now, but it was pretty severe at first