Non-invasive continuous glucose monitor

Has anyone heard about the non-invasive continuous glucose monitor by c8medisenors. Looks promising

Talked here at least 2 times in last month …
Looks promising, but let’s see it on the battlefield of diabetic-life

Great! Do you know what the title was for them?

rp, I’m impressed by the technology of Raman spectroscopy & the quality of the advisors, David Klonoff and Richard Mathies. The two of them are tops in their fields. It may take awhile here in the US, but it’s a-comin’.
It would be nice if moderate profits, not extraordinary-profits-for-the-CEO, could drive the company that is formed. It seems that PWD are at the mercy of the greedy. It would be nice to be at their meeting in Barcelona.

Did you all see this also…

This would be very nice also.

I actually met someone from the company at a party who was wearing this CGM, and it looked absolutely awesome. He received the readouts from the CGM on his android phone and told me that it’s supposedly more accurate than anything on the market now. It was exciting to see it working, but it’s sad that we probably won’t have access to it for years. I want it now!