Not celiac, but what?

So my endo called yesterday (yes, my doc called me on a Sunday as he had just got back into the country…he’s great!) to tell me my bloodwork results. The good news that the celiac test showed negative, the thyroid level was steady (I have hypothyroidism), and the iron was good. There was a “but” though. Along with the CBC test comes the white blood cell count, which was very low. I had no infection at the time, so it is unexplainable at this time. He tells me not to be alarmed, but doesn’t want to wait until I see him in January to run another test. He is having me get another blood test with my family physician to see what the results are. I was not sick at the time of the first test, but he is worried I am too susceptible to infection right now. I am at 2.8, and normal is 4.0-10. My husband, the biology teacher, is keeping his mouth shut since his mind immediately takes him to all sorts of terrible reasons for my low wbc count. I am optimistic it is nothing though. Anyone have this unexplained experience before, which turned out to be nothing?

Toni…Don’t you hate these worries?
Good for you about the other test results. Have your BS #'s calmed down? Could you be experiencing raging hormones?

Yes, my blood sugars are down. When I first came off the symlin that were down too far, but I seem to be back to normal now. Hmmmm…menopause maybe??? Yikes! I don’t know that hormones would drop my white blood cell count though.

I don’t know about hormones and wbc’s, but they can wreak havoc with bs #'s and when they become erratic, the highs do, as well. I guess that does not seem to be the case, as your #'s are OK. Something to look forward to…