Not Letting My Summer From Hell Stop Me

look closely, you can see me grimace in pain

After last Saturday's long run, my right foot hurt.
a lot
I won't lie, it scared me.

5 moths ago today, what should have been a simple, pool photo op, turned into a traumatic foot injury.
When I landed in the pool, my right toe touched my right heel and I sat on my foot underwater.
Basically, I crushed the middle of my foot.
The Dr. told me I had a complicated Lisfranc injury.
I had been training for my 1st official half marathon and at that point, I was emotional crushed as well.
Lisfranc injuries can require surgery, but my Dr. knew how much the marathon meant to me.
We decided to try the non-surgical option.
After 2 months and lots of physical therapy, my cast finally came off and I thought I was ready to train.

My first run felt amazing - I might have even shed a few tears. we all know, life tends to throw you fast balls when you're not looking.

As soon as I completed my 2nd run post-cast, I felt sick.
really sick

My mouth and eyes were extremely dry and I just felt off.
After some tests and a 6 day vacation in the hospital, I was told I had Type 1 Diabetes.

My mind was overwhelmed with many things, but mainly, I just wanted to run.
I even ran twice while in the hospital.
Little did I know, running in the hospital was horrible for me.

And 3 weeks later, my endo in Houston told me how close i had been to dying.
Still, I just wanted to run.
Running my half in Nashville was off the table, but I still went and ran the 5k instead.
It felt good to participate.
I even PR'd for my 5K "official" time.

After Nashville (end of September), I was more motivated than ever to accomplish my goal of running in an official half marathon. The unbeliveably amazing folks at Lady Speed Stick,even offered me another entry to the WHM in St. Petersburg FL. on Nov. 18th.

I took it!
I have been running without pain, since September.
I have been training, while dealing with the big Dand all that it burdens me with...

- night time lows
(requiring me to wake up in the middle of the night to ingest sugar)

- extreme highs
(making me cranky and fatigued)

- frustration
(leading to arguments with husband/family)

- feeling like "no one understands"

Just for the record, I'm not making excuses - I'm just explaining.
So, please save me the "stop complaining" emails.
yes, I have actually gotten some

So, last week when I hit mile 3 and the pain presented itself, like I said before, I was scared.
I knew, I was 30 days away from my half in FL.
I rested and Wednesday I ran 3 miles and felt great.
So, this morning...I decided to continue.
I ran my scheduled 10 mile run this morning.
I ran without pain until the last half mile.
1hr, 32min.
I couldn't believe my time.
The pain-free feeling felt MUCH better than the time though.

I followed with an ice bath - 20 minutes.

Does my foot hurt now?
A little more than a little bit.

Am I happy I ran?

Just so y'all know, I'm not running irresponsibly, I do have a Dr apt scheduled.
My Dr. is on his honeymoon and won't be back till Nov. 5th.
I am hoping all is OK and that I'm experiencing the discomfort that was always a possibility.
I also know, it's possible my foot isn't OK.
I am going to run in FL.
If that means afterwards I need surgery...
I'll deal with it.

Just like I've dealt with everything this year has brought me already.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Halloween weekend.
It's my favorite holiday.
My costume this year is AMAZING!
I promise to share tons of pictures Monday.

Here's my "Why I Love Halloween" post from last year...

You are one incredibly determined lady. Keep going! Maureen