Novolog vs Humalog?

Can anyone tell me the difference between these two insulins? I am currently on Novolog but I was curious if one insulin is better than the other? Pros? Cons?

I was using Novolog in my pump for YEARS with no probs at all. Then my insurance co. sent me info on Humalog. They basically told me they would cover more of the cost if I switched. So I did, of course.

So, really, in my experience, the only difference I’ve encountered is Humalog costs me $35 for two vials compared to $75 for Novolog.


Hi Tina,
The only real difference to me is the person. When I started using insulin my docotr put me on Novolog. When it didn’t give us the results we expected he laughed and said I was one of the millions of people it didn’t work for He then put me on Humalog. It worked the way he wanted it too. He said one usually works better on some and the other one works better for other people…


Both these insulins are made by adding a side chain to the insulin molecule but they are different chains. People vary very greatly in how they respond to the various fast acting insulins. Some find Humalog works much better than the Novolog, some the exact opposite. And some find they work the same.

So you won’t know which is best for you unless you try them.

And there is a third insulin, Apidra, which I just tried this week which for me is much faster than Novolog. The downside of it is that it doesn’t come in disposable pens yet, though it supposedly will sometime in the next year. It is made by the makers of Lantus.

I don’t know the difference between the two, but I’ve been using Humalog for probably 10+ yrs now (or since whenever it came out). Never tried Novolog, but I love Humalog! (I’m still a little wary of the pump, but the Humalog seems to be working for me.

In fact is the same, I used both, now I am on Novolog for the pump, and use the humalog for the pen before, but at the end its the same…Aida.

I have used humalog for years and recently changed to novalog when i switched i asked the doctor what was the differnce the doctor told me there wasnt much differnce at all just mainly the name and price… but since switching i think novalog workd faster for me…

Well i just switched and i dont know but it seems slower to me.So i am just thinking it depends on you.I prefer humalog but it is more expensive,humalog works better for me.

i first used humalog but switched to novolog when i got the pen. i then switched back to humalog when i got a pump. they both worked fine. then i became allergic to humalog so now i use novolog