Now I don't need to worry about running out of lancets anymore

There is an online company to get free lancets every month. I like it because I was using my lancets more than once to stretch the box out a while…haa haa, not anymore. They send a box of 100 (I use Bayer microlets) and send reminders too that I’m running low…kewl!!

Only using a lancet once.... what a concept.

(Done with the intonation of Robin Williams' "Reality, what a concept". Guessing you aren't old enough to remember that! I remember Nadia Comaneci references on that album too...)

I think I'm doing great if I change my lancet more than a few times a year!

I don't remember the last time I changed lancets in either one of my stab machines.

Is that ? Any strings attached?

Lol @ Tim…I love Robin Williams and remember that album! Alas, my fingers are hypersensitive, so I got infections when using the same one.

@Brian, you have good fingers like Tim…wish I did too…

@Emmy, yes that is the company. No strings…I didn’t have the paid membership fee, so I got a free one just by returning a referral form with my diabetes support group leader signing it. No insurance cards, no looking at my medical information, no strings. :-). Actually, the only catch paying vs free membership is you have to wait to request free lancets until your referral form arrives, THEN you get a membership number that is needed on the lancets page. I love this service.

what company is that