Now it is better (maybe)

Well, the Medtronics trainer I talked to solved my main problem over the phone yesterday afternoon. It was the insertion angle of my cannula. I needed a steeper angle so the insulin would be delivered deeper in. Lo’ and behold! I actually had a bolus work. I had an appointment with her this morning, but we ended up covering some other things about pumping since things seem to be working better.

Now, maybe we can get some good data to work with on getting things straightened out. I need to call my doctor back (who I am still somewhat irritated with) to let her know that things seem to have settled down.

Again, thanks for the support… now I can finish my dastardly plan to take over the world!


Congrats on the good pumping news =) Glad everything is working better for ya!

Glad to hear some good news!