Now its flu season for real

Bunker down.
Everything up to this point has just been practice.

6 inches of snow here today.
God hates us and he wants us to die.
Everything is different, now.

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At least for flu we have a vaccine that probably helps :wink:


The Southern Hemisphere has shown us that if we do a good job of mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing, we should have a better-than normal flu season:

That said, I think that they get the flu that we have already had and, as a result, may also get a better targeted vaccine.

My conclusion: get a flu shot and continue to do what you are doing to avoid Coronavirus.

Stay safe … and healthy!



I agree that the lighter-than-normal flu season in Australia and other Southern Hemisphere locations bodes well for the intensity of the seasonal flu in the Northern Hemisphere.

I’ve been tracking US flu incidence at the weekly CDC Seasonal Flu Surveillance report.

It’s last report for the week ending October 10:

Seasonal influenza activity in the United States remains low.

We are on the cusp of another flu season and this one could be particularly dangerous as it’s coupled with Covid-19 risk. I’ve delayed my seasonal flu shot so that the immunity it produces could better overlap the traditional flu season. I’ll get my shot in the next 10 days or so. I am hopeful that the seasonal flu incidence will be low this time around.

I think the biggest factor working against seasonal flu and Covid-19 control is the overall Covid fatigue present in the population. As people with diabetes we must remain vigilant and not give up.


People in the west would love 6 inches of snow. We are in a drought. We got our flu shots. If we don’t get enough moisture this winter we may be coming to your house next summer to take a shower. :smirk:


If you are being covid safe. I can’t se how you are going to get the flu.

I can’t decide if I should get a flu shot, because I never go out in public. I rarely see anyone and when I do we are both masked up, outside and at a distance. I would love to hug my son, but haven’t since March. My husband only sees people when picking up curbside groceries and pharmaceuticals. He and the other person are always masked. He is getting a flu shot. I just don’t know if it is necessary for me to get one.

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By flu, I mean covid AND flu.

@Marilyn6, they are pushing the traditional flu shots heavily this year because if you get covid, they suspect that it might have good influence on the severity on the illness.

@Terry4, it takes a while to take effect! Your overdue, the snow has come. Minnesota will be spreading this crap all over the country in no time (covid and traditional flu). Its really cold here. Its game on! Were having a blizzard.


I got mine a month ago. Because every time I go in to my doc they remind me I need it. So I took it.
In 2009 I got H1 N1 and holy cow. I’ll never skip another flu shot after that experience.

However I’ve had covid 19. And I was barely symptomatic. The only way I knew is that I tested positive for antibodies.

So it’s really a crap shoot. Better stay safe than sorry. I don’t want to get either disease

Hahahahaha, its miserable here. Everyone will be forced into their houses now. This will control the spread. Not even the pets wanna go out and play. Excellent development!!!

You mind me asking how old you are @Timothy? Just wondering if your older or younger than me - I’m 39. I expect covid to kill me, but I’m a heavy smoker. My friend and his wife are just a bit older than me. They both tested positive. I told them I didn’t believe the results. So, they both went in and got antibody tests that showed they had it. They report it was like having a bad cold. They were in Florida, but have been traveling back and forth a bit to Minnesota.

Another friend of mine in his 50’s turned out ok.

But, another buddy of mine - I’m worried might have lung cancer and he has been working everyday through the whole ordeal. He might be in his 70’s now - strong as a horse otherwise. But, I’m worried he won’t tolerate the covid well. He insists on riding the bus all over town and going to the bars because he says he’s too old to fear death. I stopped over the other day to check on him for the 1st time in months. He had a mustache. Everyone looks so different since I last saw them. The mustache was marvelous. Made him look distinguished and sophisticated.


I realize that, but my chances of getting Covid are close to zero.


Im54. T1 for 33years almost.
You know we get exposed to so much. I might have had a wild type corona virus that gave me partial immunity.
Who knows. You would think though that type 1s would get it worse due to our over active immune systems.
I was just sick for 2 days. I never considered it because it was back in April and I hadn’t been traveling. In May my company started doing testing so that’s how I found out.

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Thanks for the CDC flu link

I applaud you for carefully planning the timing of your flu shot. I got mine early: I thought the rush for flu shots would be as bad as the rush for TP in March … boy, was I wrong!!!

Stay safe everyone!


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I have a neighbor who told me that covid is not contagious.
Sooooo yea there’s that.

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Timothy, I think Covid is extremely contagious which is why may husband and I haven’t done anything since March. We take extreme means to not catch the virus, because I fear I wouldn’t live through it.

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Marilyn, I’m glad you are taking things as seriously as you are! This said, I think of you as being a very healthy person!

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Yes I know. But still some people think it’s fake or not contagious or what ever.
I work in medical research. I see how contagious it is.
Sometimes when people are overwhelmed they use denial as a way of dealing with it.

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There are many factors that make any flu shot an iffy thing. The formulation might not match the actual influenza strain that circulates. Or my immune response to the vaccine might not be strong enough if or when exposure happens.

My attention to timing is one small thing I control in this time of chaos. In the end, I suspect that this seasonal flu will not infect many people. I will be thankful if that turns out to be true.

Thanks so much Tapestry, but I am almost 70, have been a Type 1 for almost all of my life and I have heart stents. Hopefully I would live through having Covid, because I work so hard at staying well, but one never knows. I do wonder if I will ever be able to hug my son again, or if I will ever be able to hug him again.

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