Now where did I find that RESET button again?

I swear, if I really did have a RESET button for my diabetes, I must have pushed it somewhere in the last few weeks.

My readings are NORMAL. All The Time. It’s almost freaky now. I even got a new meter just to make sure mine wasn’t messed up. Seems like all of a sudden, everything just fell into place. I was even able to eat spaghetti, the REAL kind, WITH 2 pieces of garlic bread and I was LOWER 2 hours after than when I started. I had a day a few weeks back where I was swinging from 50 to 191 and back all day (well, 2 days really) and then BOOM! Just like that, my numbers started lining up and things are great.

I’m hoping it’s not a phase, and that everything stays cool, but WOW! I’m impressed. Have you guys ever had something like this happen? And if it goes away… please don’t tell me. I’m in my happy bubble right now and don’t want reality to intrude.

How has your week been going?!

no…ive never had that happen…lol!!! enjoy!

I ony have three months of experience to go by and I haven’t risked the pasta yet (too nervous) but I was thinking the same thing when in only a few days of being on Metformin my numbers were normal - of course I was still figuring out the diet part so I was eating all salads - but I swear I almost thought something was wrong! I wondered if it were my meter too.

Although even now, two and 1.2 months later my readings are mostly normal too - What I eat doesn’t do too much of a difference in my numbers but adrenaline and stress do …grrr…

Maybe it is hormones or something?

Maybe it is the Metformin - you had just started on regular one right?

No… not to me either… But like boedica said …ENJOY!!!


Nope, never had that happen… usually for me, i get perfect days after several weeks of correcting, adjusting, ect.

i have my days where my sugar runs in a straight line, at some seemingly random number… 190, 80, 60. It won’t go outside of 20 points of a number for a few days on end. Idk what does it, but no matter how much insulin i take/food i eat, my BG stays rock stable.

Mine has been like that for the past month and a half I have been taken off all diabetes medicine for now the doctor wants to keep a close watch to see whats going on. My highs were running 250+ then one day I tested an hour after a high carb meal and the meter read 119. So I figure the meter went bad so I tested with another one and it read 120. My doctor suspects this to be the honeymoon period. So I’m going to ride it out and see what happens.

I have had it happen. Sudden remission. I call them my honeymoons. During my last one, just a couple weeks ago I gave myself an OGTT to test whethe I was glucose intolerant and amazingly I was not longer at diabetic levels (

That being said, my theory is that once your pooped out pancreas has a chance to catch up with things, you start “storing” insulin for a phase 2 response. You always had high blood sugar, your body nevery had a chance to store up insulin. Now you can and your phase 1 response allows you to eat “some” carbs and respond normally.

My suggestion, enjoy your newfound health, but still eat low carb. Treat yourself, but don’t overdo it our you may poop out that poor phase 1 response.

I get these swings for periods too but I have resigned myself that I still have the Big D and I am better off not tempting fate.

The Big D is always lurking and my pooped out pancreas cant seem to take these happy periods for long. I have to stick to Dr B’s diet.

Maybe you are different and can enjoy. Pasta for me would send me to the moon. Oh how I miss that plate of spaghetti.

You might want to check your 1 hr post meal reading as well. I am recently dx’d too and was checking at 2 hours after a high carb meal and my numbers were around 120 and thought that was great. Then I started checking at 1 hr and noticed I was spiking 190, then dropping rapidly in the second hour. I guess for me I have a decent second phase insulin release.

If you’re hitting your targets, enjoy!