Have you ever had the same blood sugar measurement more than once in a day?

Yes…just yesterday…how funny, I was 126 in the morning and then at dinner I was the same, maybe I should have picked that combo of numbers for the lottery!! What about you?

yes…That was what I was thinking…lottery numbers!

maybe he is just curious

I was simply curious, as Robyn beat me to saying.

i have- two tests in a row but hours from each other…makes you sit and wonder for a second if your meter is working right!!

I “almost” did this today. Had a 139 around 10 am and then a freakishly close 137 around 11:30 am.

My original meter from 12 years ago would retrieve my previous BG number, if I forgot to put a blood sample on a new test strip. It wouldn’t do it unless I forgot to apply blood after having the test strip in the machine for a few minutes. I’d be like “Gee! I just got the same number as last time.” Then I’d look at the test strip and see no blood on it. In my best Homer Simpson voice I’d admonish myself with a good “D’Oh!!”

Yeah I get the same readings the odd time, it does look kinda suss on my log book though. It can be really nice to have a steady reading for a few hours.

Danny are you hearing voices ?

I get them once in a while - sometimes I check with a different meter to see if everything is OK … it always is

Yep, I’ve gotten the same reading too. :slight_smile: