Since i got a handle on this i have been between 160 and 78 no meds, most times im 110-120. Is this ok? I have not seen 200 in weeks and weeks and have not seen 300 since i started to work on fighting this thing.

Hi Mark,

Bringing your numbers down that much with out meds is fantastic! I don’t know what goals your doctor has set for you, or you for yourself, but in 4 months that’s great.

Sounds good to me. How’s the A1c? They say that is the most important number. I am trying to keep my 1-hr post-meal below 140 and my 2-hour below 110. If I can get two A1cs below 6.0 then I am going to wean myself off of the drugs. Are you testing often? Low carb? Keep it up.

Hi Mark, great numbers with no meds. The 160 would make me nervous, but that is just me, 127 has been my highest in the last 3 months. But then I am taking Janumet and Actos and should be in a tighter range. The 110-120 range is wonderful keep at it.

My A1C was 10.7 and is now 7.0