Occlusion from compression?

2 nights in a row I’ve been wakened by a suspended insulin alert from my Tandem pump. I mostly use my thighs for sites, top and sides in a pattern. I am currently using the left leg fairly close to the hip and slightly above the quad/hamstring boundary.

Insulin suspend has happened with 2 sites over 2 nights. Both times I was sleeping on my left side. I resumed insulin and everything was OK. This makes me think that compression on the site can block insulin flow. Being close to the hip would put the most weight on the site.

I switched from using my stomach to my thigh a few months ago, and have had numerous occlusion alerts since doing so. Sometimes, just sitting on a stool a certain way will trigger one. It is a bit of a nuisance, but I just select “Resume” and continue on.

I had a lot of scar tissue on my stomach from years of MDI’s followed by around 20 years on a pump. Now, using my thighs, my numbers are better and I’m actually using less insulin. So for me, the inconvenience of having to deal with those alerts is an acceptable trade off. I use the AutoSoft90 infusion sets, by the way.

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Ah confirmatio, thanks.