The Past Seven

It was so busy last week. A run down of our ups and downs...

A day at Waldameer - we went to an amusement park (Waldameer) located in Erie, PA. A second day in a row being away from home with Olivia and her big sister, Gwen. I need to make a list on the computer so I can check everything off to make sure I don't leave anything behind that Olivia needs. I didn't forget anything, but I became overly paranoid on the way there that I forgot something! The first stop, when we got there, was the first aid building. I wanted to inform them about Olivia's diabetes and ofcourse use their refrigerator to keep Olivia's insulin cold. They were very accommodating and we also did Olivia's shots there too - away from staring eyes. I suggest anyone with diabetes to take advantage of the first aid building @ any amusement park. Our day went very smoothly and the girls had a great time! I also didn't have to worry as much!

Pittsburgh Children's Hospital - it was time again to contact the Pittsburgh Children Hospital and talk with the diabetes person on call! It was a morning of waiting on hold and then after I got through, it was then time to read off all of Olivia's blood sugar readings for the past few days. Her numbers have looked pretty well. A little high around midnight, but they said that she comes down nicely at 3:00am so her doses are going to stay the same. This is the first time that they haven't changed. Are we finally getting on a routine?

Little Sneak - it was after breakfast. Olivia ate pretty well. I was in my bedroom right before snack time making my bed. Olivia walks into the room and what is in her hand?? An almost finished juice box. My fault that she was tempted by the juice box in the first place. I thought I was going to have to use a juice box as a correction for a low last night, but her numbers stayed above 80. Instead of putting it back into the refrigerator, I left it on the counter where she can now reach. I then thought, if I now give her a snack that is going to put her numbers through the roof, so I decided not to give a snack. My mistake, because at lunch time she was a 61!! The little sneak now gets juice again with lunch!!

Oh My Gosh! - it was an okay day. I wish she would have eaten a better lunch. Sometimes she doesn't want to eat anything no matter what you try. Well at dinner time she was a 70. Treated with a little juice and she ate better for dinner. 9 o'clock is when she gets her bedtime snack and her Lantus dose (1/2 unit). I pricked her finger, and got her snack for her. Then at 10:30 I did a "jump out of the chair and scream - Oh my gosh" number. I forgot to give her the Lantus shot. How could I forget that? The fact that I forgot to give her a shot scared me half to death. Checked her @ midnight and she was a 317! Holly S*it! Now I'm worrying about Ketones! 1 0'clock am 273, 3 o'clock am 131. We are okay. The next morning - No ketones - thankfully!

Day with Daddy! - Olivia spent the day home with daddy. I took my oldest daughter, Gwen, to Splash Lagoon with my friend and her nephew. It is important to take some time and spend it with just one child. A special day for me just to concentrate on Gwen (but ofcourse getting the updates from my husband every two hours! - I would be a paranoid person if I didn't get the updates!). Olivia's numbers were great all day - great job daddy! He also went to his parents and did a little diabetes education with his parents. He let his parents practice giving shots to an orange, checking the syringes beforehand, and practicing also with the meter. He was also brave enough to let them poke/stick him! He said that made him feel better having to do it to Olivia because he said that he couldn't feel a thing. Maybe he can be the guinea pig again when it's time for my family to learn.

Beeka's first syringe - Called Pittsburgh again this morning and again no changes on the doses! Yeah! A couple of hours before dinner my husband's mother called. My kids call her Beeka (every grandparent loves a special name!). She asked if she could come to our house to give Olivia her dinner shot of insulin! Our response - you bet, come on up!! I could tell that she was nervous. It reminded me of myself the first time I had to give Olivia a shot in the hospital. She was asking questions making sure she was doing things right, forgetting a couple of little things and didn't mind being corrected, didn't mind that we double checked, and ofcourse the hesitation before actually giving the shot. I know the shot didn't go as well as she planned - a little double poke, but it didn't help that Olivia decided to be a little wiggle worm at the time, but overall she did a great job. I'm happy to know that she and her husband (Pa Pa) are willing to be an active part of Olivia's life. Don't worry Beeka, it will get easier!

Soaring High - for the past few days Olivia's Blood Sugar Readings@ dinner time have been high. Looks like I will be contacting Pittsburgh sooner than planned. Could this mean that we are slowly getting out of the honeymoon stage?

Ronda, you are so brave. I always like to read your blog. Thank you for sharing with us.