OH Canada, I got my letter

NICE! excited for you! let us know how the set up goes, and how you like the new pod size, and if you had any difficulties with putting the pod on! we want to know!! lol

Lol, ya, it sounded a little messy with the roll out early on. Maybe the bugs are gone from the metric version (toes crossed too). Absolutely need a show and tell when we get them. Blaze some trail for me, lol.

Awesome news, Izza, good to hear they are reaching our hands now. Like meh says, give us a play by play. Good luck tomorrow, I’m rooting for you.

so how did it go Izaa?

I set up the new PDM yesterday and started my first pod today. The set up was really user friendly. The menus for setup are the same as old PDM and there is a wizard when you start up. It took 10 minutes to set up the new PDM.

I love the new pods. Extremely light and flat. The neon pink cannula is visible thru the top of the pod. The window is smaller but I was pleasantly suprised to be able to see the cannula better in the window too. Had no issues in the priming or insertion process. The opening on the bottom and the two holes for the cap are smaller which I believe should improve some of the movement issues.

I’m getting used to the ID screen. I messed up a few test strips today forgetting to confirm the ID screen before starting my BG test.

Everything is worki6ng smoothly. I’ll keep you posted.

Thats great! glad you have not had any problems other then loosing test strips over teh ID screen, like you said it will take time to get use to! yaya now I am even more excited to get mine!

Thanks for the update. You're experience sounds positive so far. I already know I'm going to be losing strips like you did with the extra step since I already lose some by putting the blood on before its time when I'm in a rush

I get mine on Thursday, I have been turning my PDM on then putting the strip in for practice once I start using the new one. LOL

I've wasted so many strips rushing, I really need to take a deep breath, relax, maybe a sip a wine, then put the drop on. Oh, and good luck, hope it all goes smoothly.

thats actually pretty brilliant Dishers!

I tend to have conversations with people when I do a blood test so I`m less in a rush to get the blood on the strip... LOL I have had it turn back off an lost a strip that way haha

Lol. Yes, it turns off, then you put the drop on - "ahhh, not another one wasted... again.". I do like your conversation answer though.

New PDM caught me before I could run away...LOL

okay I figured out the range is better on the new PDM, I was delivering a bolus and ran away like usual cause something came up suddenly as soon as I hit the button to confirm, this time it was my dog barking at the door and instead of me having to hit ok to retry communication, I heard a "beep" that my bolus was delivered and I was at least 6 feet away at the back door.

Continuous improvement, gotta love it. I might have missed a bolus if I continued to get sidetracked.

I have been called many things, brilliant is not used often. LOL
thanks Meh_mtl

I have noticed not to many screaming that they lost another pod so this is also a good sign, worried about the co pilot however they said that the old co pilot won't work with the new PDM and they don't have the new co pilot yet. so wonder when we will get it. the DC will not be to pleased with that.

oh good, some people were saying that the range seemed worse.

I just spoke to OmniPod to order my son's new pods and PDM. She said the new software will be sent out next week.

With the old system, I always found that the range would go down when it was “cold” (yes I know…COLD and Houston??)

This winter, I did not notice any communication issues

Joey did your son get the new omnipods yet?

I made my order today for the new kit. I hoped it would come tomorrow like the usual delivery time, but she said due to the high demand for shipments I will only get the new kit on Monday. That is fine, he has enough old pods till then, but it really made me glad I ordered sooner than I needed to because I usually order when we have only 2 pods left. I get the delivery the next day so it has never been a problem. If I had waited till next week to order we might have run out! How about you? Did yours arrive yet? (Feels kinda like awaiting a hotly anticipated CD or something!)

Kinda like our much awaited “you are worthy of a new PDM” battle here :slight_smile: