OH Canada, I got my letter

so i set up my new PDM in less then 15 mins. it was super easy, really straight forward and user friendly!
I was amazed how much smaller the new pods are, and they are super light. I barley notice it at all anymore I keep looking cause I think it fell off lol

I had zero trouble getting the pod on my arm.so for the first 20 mins of having it on I love it... I will let you know if any trouble happens!

Yes mine came in today. I am in love!

speaking of, my PDM did not ask for the 1.5 hour blood test after I put the pod on... anyone else have this happen to them? IZZA?

You broke it :) lol nah...thats weird that it doesn't ask you Canadians...

lol maybe they saw all the complaints LOL and changed it. That would be awesome!

most of time its no big deal, I only have a problem with it when (and as you know I have amazing luck evidently) I have pod errors at night and stay up an additional 1.5 hrs to acknowledge it....

That’s awesome your new pods came in. I’m on my 3 rd day now and no issues still. Getting used to the ID screen now too.

IZZA do you get the 1.5 hour blood test reminder?

WTG! I'm getting really excited to get them now, lol. Especially after hearing success. The 1.5 hour BG reminder beeps being missing is certainly a bonus. Perhaps the Cdn version has been slightly modified?? That would be sweet. I have one month left of the old ones, hopefully it's the last of them. Keep up updated, meh, really appreciate it.

One thing I would love for them to change is the beep, would be nice to set our own sound or at least not make it sound like every electronic appliance. When home I can't tell if it is the coffee maker turning off or the washer downstairs or the microwave..... This is the only thing that annoys me so far.

Good to hear. I am glad everyone seems to have had a trouble free transition.

really I find the beeps that come from the pods really low and differnt compared to the bigger pods..

Glad about that I was referring to the old pods and pdm reminder notice

So, the girl at work on the POD just got the new ones in the mail and brought one to my office - WOW, they look way smaller, to me anyway. Now I almost hope I get a rash of failures with my old ones just so I have to re-order early, lol.

LOL they really are much smaller!
I hope you get to order soon. I would order about an week earlier cause it takes awhile before they send them 2-4 days.

Thanks for the advice. I would imagine the kit would take a little longer. I usually order when I get down to 4. I suppose I could order them a little earlier, but the I'd be sitting there staring at them while I used the old ones up - like a kid waiting till Christmas morning.

How are you making out with keying in your ID every time you test?

or you could keep the extra pods for the old PDM incase something happens and you have to get a new PDM, for emergancy... I kept 1 of my old pods just incase but with all the errors I was getting with the old pods I would not be surprised if it was a bad pod haha.

That would be the smart thing for me to do... And yes, I would be better off keeping multiple extras - I like your idea, thanks.

Oh ya, I am doing well so far with the ID screen, I find it annoying, but as it is here to stay, I will just have to live with it. it will be come something that I just automatically do.

I suppose a little annoyance is worth the size reduction.