Oh the Noise!

Douglas- My little Man!

Let me just start by saying my nervous system does me in when I am high or low. It always happens to be when I am my sugars are bouncing around that everyone thinks its the best time to make as much noise as possible. Arrrgggghhhh. I sugars have been normal to low recently. But things are different today. This morning I started out at 128. Not bad, I’d rather be a bit lower, but I am not physically affected (nervous system isn’t irritated) by a 128 so it is just fine. I do a site change, bolus, wait twenty minutes and then eat.
Not long after breakfast everything is bothering me. My head hurts, my stomach hurts ect… EEeeeeks. There must have been an air bubble in the tubing. I finish waiting the full two hours and it is, not surprisingly, 215. If I’ve got to be out of wack I’d rather be low than high. The headaches and irritability that come with the high are so intense and last so much longer then the lows, although I can actually think when my sugars are high. Anyways I can usually get a low sugar up quicker than I can get I high back down to where its comfortable. So I bolus for the 215 using my wizard function. An hour and a half later I am in the 160s. Still feeling bad, but not as bad. Well enough to do a pony trot into the kitchen with my son. I do another correction with the wizard, bolus for lunch, make lunch. Sing a few songs with Doug. Get him set for nap: diaper change, read ‘1 Fish, 2 Fish’, do some ballet to the baby CD (classical lullabies played on piano). The ballet dancing has become a requirement in order for me to leave at nap time with out fuss from him. I am not feeling well again. Things are swimmy like I am walking through water that is over my head which sounds like it should be fun, but somehow it isn’t.
I take my bow and dance my way out of the room and test. 40’s argghhhh… Treat for the low, 21 carbs. That was an hour and a half ago. Where am I now? I don’t know, but I know where I am not… between 80-130 because my nervous is kicking me and I feel like it is in over load and I am sick.
Right now my little 2 year old angel, Douglas, is happily yelling up a storm in his bedroom. He is suppose to be napping. The noise is killing me. I just tossed the dog out. She is a one year old copper-red saddle Bassette named Joslin. I let her out with the warning that she should entertain herself. Jeeez. She whines on just the right pitch that shreds nerves. Oh how does she do that? It is times like these I hate just being. It hurts. I should go in and see if Doug needs anything. However, I know he has a clean diaper, the lights are off, and he is just going to scream when I leave, which is worse than the happy yelling he is doing now.
Still the noise!
I am going to go test again. I just can’t take it… 64. Damn sensitive nervous system. I’ll go treat with 10 carbs. I would have some form of meat and fat with it, but last time I had some peanuts. I have discovered from prior experience that if you treat back to back lows with both carbs and fat/protein that you can over treat with the fat/protein causing highs a couple of hours later. So I’ll “HappyDiabetic” this one and have 10 carbs of apple juice. I know how juice effects me so I should improve soon.
PS. Still working on the Continuous Glucose Monitor. I have been on the phone quite a bit. I have actually been having a problem with Medtronic/Minimed. They said they’d fax a form to my endocrinologist and they didn’t. Over 6 phone calls later (3 to them and 3 to my endocrinologist who was to receive the fax) and I think it is back in the works.