Ok so

I wanna try it in my leg but so i insert horizontal or vertical and also if i put it there will my dexcom stay in range if i clip it on my belt?

Wow…let me know if it works in the muscle area…that would be nice to know…just make sure you skin is clean and no hair…so the glue will stick…keep me posted on this…for sure your dexcom will stay in range, that is definitely not an issue

Vertically (up and down), yes the receiver will stay in range. No need to shave, my Dex sticks well with plenty of leg hair.

I have worn mine in my thigh (always horizontally) several times with no problems at all with either the range or the placement. Good luck!

Horizontal. Yes it stays in the range. for me its the best part of my body to place it. It doesnt hinder any activity, Not at all.

This is my first thigh job. I did horizontal insertion, been in 3 days, working fine and nice break from abdomen.

Sounds like it works for everyone! Good luck.

lol! Lisa - your comment cracks me up!

Also, I was told that both pumps and cgms should have the canula/sensor going with the grain of your muscle (so vertically for arms and legs and horizontally for the abs and back). I’ve never tried anything else…I’m curious to hear how your sensor wears. Let us know!

Always good to laugh ,Kate. Or else we would go mad with this stuff.

OK friends, how on earth do you get the thing in your arm without assistance? I have a willing husband but I cant trust he wil listen to my instructions.

Here is a video. Don’t know if it will help. You can use a door frame to pinch-up

Find more videos like this on TuDiabetes

so where exactly in the leg thigh area or mid leg?

1/3rd area from hip and femur . This is my first time, but feels good…very accurate and I swam 1 mile with much movement and no problem.

Whoever sent the video of the arm insertion, please resend. it did not come through on computer.


gonna try horizontal will let you know if it hurts or is uncomfortable shortly after

well not sure what happened but it didnt wanna stick… any ideas???

i might not do my leg because it wont stay on it seems so my pump will be here friday and within a couple days im likely gonna switch dex to my arm just curious how much it hurts considering im mostly muscle in arms/legs but arms are a smaller mass so how high or low would you go or do you have a perfect spot you put it?