Okie Dokie! Well does Eatin or Cheatin on a Tinnie Winnie Little Bitty Bit of a EASTER candy.... 8-)

Does it or doesn’t JACK UP the ole mg/dL’s!!! Well_______________? Mine___________?

If one boluses correctly anything is possible. I think the tradeoff is in labor costs as I do more work when I am not on top of stuff. Plus, I use jelly beans for running snacks and am totally ocd about “I want three yellow ones two oranges and a purple” which keeps me entertained.



I’m a jelly bean fan also. Jelly Bellies makes killer flavors. Current favorites are tangerine & chocolate pudding. I’m a purist–only one color at a time:) I use them for exercise & to correct lows. One jelly bean raises my BG 10 points.

Trick is how to bolus correctly. Far easier said than done or we’d all have perfect numbers.

  • Plus Ginger Vieira (Tudiabetes and Facebook Friend) she posted a VIDEO (Shoot I cant find!!!) well was there It was great!!! Saying a DIABETES OVERLOAD and…hmm slackin!!! I cheat for time to time BUT DO Count the CARBS!!! and insulin overload!!! to compensate!!!

OMG Jelly beans are evil – delicious, but evil.

I bought a bag of mixed ones that I was (ahem) intending to parcel out into little baggies for treating hypos. “Oh look how cute, each bean is one gram of carbs. How easy.”


Apparently there are jelly-bean-eating mice in my house (and yes, I do live alone) who nibbled up all the good ones and left a few ucky licorice ones behind. Eeeeek!!! They never even made it into the little baggies. Very sad.

Note to self: Stick to the nasty dextrose tabs. Don’t even pretend that you can resist a jelly bean.

Well, I was given a bag of Godiva Chocolate Truffles for my (belated) birthday, and rather than eat them all myself, brought them to my folk-dance group to share. And ate just ONE @#$@% piece. And BG went up more than 100mg/dl. So I guess it depends on the kind of candy. Even the exercise of dancing didn’t bring me down; had to bolus 3 units!

So just be careful – (confession time) if I had looked at the bag and bolused for whatever amount of carbs was in the candy, maybe I wouldn’t have risen so much. But don’t you sometimes just want to ignore the bolusing and calculating, and just simply EAT something?

Starburst jelly beans pwn all other jelly beans. $2.99/ lb= cheaper than glucose tabs.

Will have try Starburst jelly beans. Thanks. Cheaper than Jelly Bellies. A lot easier to carry around than glucose tabs, too.

did you know jelly belly actually makes special exercise ones, in little packets? That ordinary (non-d) long distance runners use instead of gels or goo? The contain electrolytes and I think at least one flavor has caffeine. You can buy them at running stores. I haven’t been running enough to need them since getting the big D (up to 5 miles though!), but I used to use them a few years ago when I was running much longer. Sooooooo much better than nasty gels.


Chocolate bunny, no, not really. She does okay if we dose properly. Peeps and jelly beans, yes, they spike, but you can use that to your advantage and give these for lows. She does pretty well if you just give a bit of chocolate.

Filled chocolate is a whole nother ball game. Raspberry filling, etc… I think the spike is in the filling. Plain chocolate (20 or 30 grams, insulin seems to cover it so far. Snickers bars, she does really well on; Reese’s peanut butter cups. Kit kats spike. You may be able to get away with certain types of chocolate. She loves a snack of semi sweet chocolate chips mixed in with pistachio nuts which I shell for her. Definitely no spike there. I give more nuts, just an ounce or so of the chips. But everyone is different.