Old spotty glucose tabs - What are the dots?

I know every once in a while I come across one of my various glucose tab vials that I have stuck here and there, and I find some that have turned - black dots are all over the tabs, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes small and sometimes large dots. Usually the tabs do not taste very good.

My husband (who does not have to eat them) thinks I should still eat them, as we paid good money for them.

Are these dots harmful besides the tabs not tasting very good?


I would guess it’s some sort of fungus or bacterial growth. You’re providing warmth and food in your stored vial. I’d toss them and buy new ones. Your description reminds me of the sorts of things we use to grow in petri dishes back in high school biology class.

Cheers, Mike

Yummy, that sounds like extra protein!

ya, sounds like mold. i would toss and not risk getting sick.

Go with the rest on this.

Just make sure you bolus for it so it doesnt raise your BG levels 3-4hrs down the road!!!

Im going with mold on that…its just penecillin. Then you wont need a vaccine if you get a cold. See, two-fer!!!

Yeah, I had some I’d carried around in my pack in a plastic bag for awhile that had those spots. I figured it was mold and threw them away. I’m on a budget, but not that bad a budget!

I get dots sometimes on mine even when sealed, and I live in a very humid environment in the summer, and I think it is related to the mositure. I could be wrong though. Hasn’t hurt me yet, though! (roll eyes)

I don’t think you should eat those…sounds like mold!! Mind that you’re not growing a wee life form!!!

Probably mold, especially if they taste bad. If you’re worried about price, I’ve found that smarties or fruit snacks make a good substitute for glucose tablets and they are not very expensive.

Yeah I would get new ones as well. But I must admit if someone dared me a $5 to eat one I might…$5 Footlong anyone…!?!

I pulled a bottle out of my car that was covered in these dots and was desperate so I ate them. They tasted horrible!
I went and bought a new bottle and a week later they were also covered in them. I keep them in my car so I think the heat is getting to them especially in this double digit Louisiana weather.


Would it work , if you ask Hubby to eat them ??..

It’s definitely mold. I have had this happen many times. If you want a cheaper alternative to them 1 pack of smarties candies are pretty much the same thing as eating 3 glucose tabs.Seriously my doc used to describe glucose tabs as being giant smarties to my school when they used to throw a fit about me carrying"medicine" around school.

I’m with Nel! Tell him to eat them!

This happened to me too and I threw them away!

I’ve had glucose tabs get moldy also. Made me question what’s in them because sugar doesn’t mold & lasts forever. I don’t use them any more. Too expensive, too bulky to carry around & taste terrible.

I have little baggies of jelly beans stashed all over. They’re pure sugar & work fast. Each jelly bean is 1 gram glucose, so easy to count to correct when I’m in a brain fog. Great idea from Emma about lifesavers. Gummy bears work fast also, but they’re sticky.

I am with you on this one. If he does not want to eat them then he should not want you to eat them.