Why do they make glucose tablets taste so good?

Why do they make tablets taste so good?

Why not? Are you overeating them?

ickkyy! Hate them!

So you like the chalky flavor too. I think I have told this short, short, story before. In college a friend of mine liked his beer in cans. In those days, beer came in steel cans. He liked the ‘metal’ taste, he said it gave the beer a nice ‘bite’

haha. Glucose tablets are yucky!
I think you’re alone on this fight. haha.

I am not a fan of them tabs too…

I guess this post shows that everyone really is different.
I dont like the taste of them much!
Lucky you though.

They taste good? Ummmm, no thanks. :slight_smile: lol

I absolutely love them haha. I have to remind myself NOT to eat them and that they are medicine, not candy. One of my roomates is addicted to them so I have to hide them from them. But I don’t mind a low now and then because then I get to pop a few in my mouth. :slight_smile:

haha. ur funny!

yes, that’s my kind way of saying "a little weird"
More power to you! haha.

Hmmm, the grape ones are the best!

When I was first diagnosed I HATED the taste of glucose tabs. I figure that they did that intentionally so that we would not over treat.

As time went by, I acquired a taste for them. I figured it was because I’ve been diabetes for years and don’t eat other sweet things any more…

But maybe it’s just a matter of personal preference. I try to carry food with me to treat lows that I don’t mind eating, but I would not eat just for the heck of it.

Do you ever eat them when you are not low?

I can’t eat the glucose tabs, they make me gag. Now… Glucose gel? … yes, I like the gel!

Oh yeah, love the apple ones. Tastes like jumbo sweet tarts to me.

You ARE kidding right??? I will search and search at a mall for something to eat, nearly falling down, cause all I have in my purse are the glucose tabs, yuck!!

I recently bought grape and have not even tried one to see if I would even like the new flavor.

Hmmmm what brand do you use???

those are the only kind i won’t eat. i don’t like the plastery texture

LOl I don’t like the taste…I will search high and low for a Coke before I eat one of those.

I can’t stand the taste–bleech. The glucose gel is even worse, but it works super fast.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of glucose tabs. I get mine at Walmart and I especially love the Watermelon and Fruit punch ones. I could absolutely eat them anytime, regardless of my sugar level!

I haven’t been able to taste those tablets… I see them at the drugstore all the time… I don’t think I need them… or should I buy and be carrying them with me at all times?? Hmmmm… o_O