Olive Garden and fibre

Hey, I’m going out to Olive Garden tonight to celebrate my last exam (whoo!) and I noticed something funny in the Calorie King book. It says that the Lasagna has 35 grams of carbs and 32 grams of fibre! That must be a mistake, right?! A lot of the pastas have over 40 grams of fibre in them, and I just can’t believe it! I’m probably not going to have pasta just to be safe, but still, has anyone ever had low numbers after eating here? lol thanks!

That’s an error. http://www.olivegarden.com/Menu/Nutrition/

Olive Garden’s site says:

Lasagna Classico (dinner) calories 850 fat 47 sat fat 25 sodium 2830 carbs 39 fibre 19

And I think the carb number is wrong there too, because the lunch portions of 580 calories, says it has 35 carbs and 7 grams of fibre. So I think the dinner portion has a much higher carb count.

The whole thing seems off to me. I always subtract any fibre over 5, so that would mean only 20 carbs. For a good sized serving of lasagna?? I know the way lasagna and pasta affect our blood sugar is disproportionate to the carbs, but that makes it sound reasonably low carb!

The lunch is 68% of the calories, 68% of the fat, but 90% of the carb and only 37% of the fiber as compared to the dinner. Either something is wrong with the numbers or the two meals have some kind of major difference to account for the differing amount in the carb/fiber content.