Finally after years of debate and feared panic attacks, I am agreeing to try the Omnipod. I haven’t seen any complaints regarding the device, other than the occasional low…but I deal with that now anyway. I am super sensitive to insulin so I cannot say with 100 % truth that the panic and fear is no longer there but better now than never. There was much debate whether to try the MiniMed first, but with all that tubing getting snagged, I put that idea to rest quickly. I am realy excited about the whole thing, I go Monday to my doctor to get all the paperwork done. I am curious as to other’s experience with the Omnipod…

At least it’s never too late to change.

I have been on the omnipod for almost a month now and love it =) it has given such control and ease with taking the insulin i need to take! i waited 11 years to get one because i didn’t like the idea of the tubing and having to find a place to clip the pump to. But with the pod, I don’t have to worry about it! I have only had 2 pod failures in a month and one was my fault! So I recomend it, but I am only one opinion!!! Good luck!

It’s supposed to be coming in the mail soon…but I can’t say that I’m excited. Although with your positive vibes about it…I may just get the courage yet =D