Omni Loop & iOS 12.2

I accidentally upgraded to 12.3.1. I was supposed to upgrade to 12.2. My bad. I’m not an experienced MAC user. Anything I can do?

No problem. I’m using 12.3.1, too.

Is Omni Loop incompatible with iOS 12.3.1? I’m using the the Med-T Loop and have been successfully using 12.3.1 for a few weeks now.

I didn’t realize that you’re now using Omni Loop. Other than the iOS troubles, how do you like it?

You’ve learned an important lesson about iOS upgrades. You need to be sure that any apps that you like and use will be compatible with the upgrade before making the switch.

I definitely see this as negative aspect of the Apple iOS system. There should be a way to restore the former operating system if you don’t like the results when you do upgrade. Unfortunately, with Apple, it’s a one-way trip.

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As a general rule, just stay away from beta versions of iOS or macOS. Otherwise, as far as Loop app is concerned, iOS updates should present no problems.


It doesn’t say its incompatible. It just says that 12.2 is the most recent version they have tested it on. Thats what is recommended. Yea, there’s a learning curve with Mac. Gotta make sure that I have automatic updates disallowed from here on out. I can turn off auto-updating. I’m not using the system yet. I’m still waiting for hardware. I’ll be in the next shipment of RileyLink and that could come any day. However, I’m still waiting for a G6 and need to find a used laptop running Mojave today.

I met an omni-looper the other day in person!

:clap: Exciting! Some general advice:

Temper your expectations, Loop is definitely not a set-it-and-forget-it system, and it takes some time to learn how it works, how to adjust the settings, and how to make best use of it. But the outcomes can be very rewarding!

First, loopdocs and looptips are great resources - worth going through carefully. You can always go back to these resources when a specific question comes up.

Once you setup the system, I’d recommend keeping Loop open-loop for some time - just to get familiar with user interface, observe glucose predictions, etc. Then, once you feel comfortable and you have some time available, close the loop and observe how it works and why it’s making certain dosing decisions. It is very likely that you may need to make adjustments to your settings (insulin sensitivity, carb ratio, basal rates).

Just FYI, most Loop users are on the FB Looped group, and Zulip Loop chat is the best place for more technical questions. There are a few of us here as well. Happy to answer any questions you may have.


It would be great if we could setup a group on Tu. I see some of us are over at FB. FB is pretty hard to read and follow. I dont think FB is setup for more in-depth, long term discussions. I notice that people dont get much feedback.

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Agreed, it’s very noisy. I am admiring Katie and Kate who are somehow managing the group and providing quality answers. It’s fine to have a group at TuD, but for Loop users I’d really recommend the Loop Zulip chat - most experienced people, including developers, are there. Plus, Zulip is an open-source platform itself, so we are not feeding the FB beast there.