Omni Pod Users

I have been using the OmniPod insulin delivery system for almost four years. It has greatly improved my management of my Type 1 diabetes. I turned 65 in January and received a rejection from Medicare for coverage of the OmniPod delivery system. I filed my first appeal for reconsideration and received notification that it was declined because the OmniPod insulin delivery system is considered a “convenience”!!!

I will continue the appeal process and won’t give up until all avenues have been exhausted.

I would appreciate any information from OmniPod users on Medicare who have successfully appealed to Medicare and are now getting coverage for the OmniPod system.

Thank you,

Rita M. Caruso

Rita, I will be turning 65 in 2 years and my only fear is Medicare will not cover my Pods! I hope someone has some guidance here!!

Good luck. Sound like your in for a battle.

I can't believe how backward Medicare is!! I recently sent letters to my congress representatives and senators concerning Medicare reimbursement for strips, pumps and CGM's. Good luck with your appeal. I'm going to keep writing letters until all D tech is covered by Medicare. Only a convenience?? What a joke!!

It’s more heartless and cruel than jokeish. Try this on medicruel: food is a convenience people can live for several weeks with none. How about a car is a convenience because people can hitch-hike to anywhere. How about glucose is a convenience because diabetics can raise their blood sugar with three square meals and less insulin. When that insulin glycogen bionic pancreas is available it won’t be just a convenience to me. I don’t have a working pancreas.