Omnipod® 5 App for iPhone now has FDA clearance!

That’s awesome. Thanks for posting the good news.

I like reading the FDA docs. In case anyone else is interested:
Smart Bolus Calculator

I try not to be overly cautious, but I am wondering if grouping both the Dexcom and the OmniPod 5 controller all together in one device is a good thing. Yes, it is convenient, but what happens if the phone dies, or gets stolen, or gets lost, or gets dropped into the ocean? (OK, not likely to happen here in Wisconsin, but it COULD happen to some folks!) :grin: My point is that if one device controls everything and something happens to that device, then the person relying on that device is screwed. I have dropped or temporarily misplaced my phone too many times, I think, for an app on my phone to be my first choice for controlling my insulin pump.

When I got a new phone, I just downloaded the ap for my pump and dex on to the new phone.

So it took 2 min and I was up and running with the new device.

That controls that Dex software and my tandem pump software.

I’m sure it would be no different with pods.

I have the opposite problem - I always know where my phone is, but I can’t keep track of that darn controller! I’ve had to add an air tag to it so I get alerts on my phone when I’ve walked too far away from it.

I can’t tell you the number of times it’s been completely forgotten, misplaced, etc. before I wisened up and attached an air tag to it. Now my phone alerts me by the time I’ve made it to my car that I forgot my controller on the table. Having everything on my phone would save me a lot of back tracking!

And honestly, if I lose my phone, it’s easier to replace than a controller. I can go to Verizon and be up and running in an hour. Omnipod would take at least 24 hours to help a girl out.