Omnipod and continous glucose monitoring

I am using a medtronic 522; the wire is in the way often. So, I am interested in learning about the Omnipod; does it communicate the blood glucose levels to the meter? So there is a sensor in the omnipod? Or do you wear a sensor in addition to the omnipod? I have heard minimed metronic is close to releasing a new generation. How much does the omnipod cost? Since they appear to work and get tossed, what is the cost? Thank you all kwlawson

I am also using a Medtronic pump (the 722) and my warranty just recently expired and I’m thinking of making the switch to the Omnipod as well. I also use the MiniMed CGM system (continuous glucose management). With Minimed, you wear your pump (which is tubed), and then also insert a separate sensor device. From what I’ve read about OmniPod it looks like their sensor is also a separate device. The big difference tho, when you’re wearing the OmniPod sensor you need to carry two separate wireless devices (the PDM and the Sensor monitor). With MiniMed, the sensor communicates directly with the pump.

I’m still scratching my head deciding what to do. I know Medtronic just introduced a new pump, but I don’t think they’ve made any major changes over the one I have.

FWIW, I’ve been really happy with my revel. I considered the omnipod, but after reading about so many pod failures and problems, I nixed that idea (my endo was also not supportive of the omnipod because of those reports, and was too worried about my potential for going into DKA). Yes, tubing can be annoying, but I’ve found ways to manage it so that it’s no as much of a bother. While a tubeless pump sounds cool, I like to see the insulin going into my body as much as possible.

In addition, one thing I didn’t realize until I talked with someone online is that you can waste a lot of insulin with those pods. If a pod comes undone or doesn’t work, you can end up throwing out all your precious insulin. at least, that’s how it was explained to me (could have misunderstood).

Yeah…the pod failures is what has me concerned too. Oh…what to do, what to do…