OmniPod Case Design - What Do You Guys Want

Hi everyone -

I mentioned a while back that I was working on designing a case for the OmniPod. Well, with a few starts and mostly stops - I’m in a bit of a pickle. I essentially wanted a case that would hold all the regular stuff - PDM, vial of strips, lancet, backup batteries, lancets, alcohol strips, syringe along with a backup pod and the glucagon kit. That said, in order to have this type of case, it would be about 7.5 inches high by about 6 inches wide and about 3 inches deep (way too big, I think…it’s that darn glucagon kit…) My husband thinks that smaller is better and that I should lose the glucogon kit and just make sure we can fit an extra pod. In that scenario, the case would look similar to what we have now (case that comes with it but a bit thicker to hold the extra pod) What are your thoughts? I hope it’s not inappropriate to ask on this forum but since I know everyone has strong opinions of what they like and don’t like, I thought it would be a good start!!

Also, I thought it would be good if the case came in several different colors (black, red, blue, green) and if it was hard sided (like a camera case) instead of squishy. Thoughts? Ideas?

Thanks in advance!!

I like the multiple color choices and the hard sided idea, I also believe it’d be best not to make it hold the glucagon kit.
If I may ask how do you plan on selling the cases? Is this going to be something through omnipod? or are you doing this on your own, on the side?

I will like a case that can hold the new PDM with the gel skin on, hold a extra pod, insulin vial, maybe 2 syringes, alcohol, batteries, strip vial, finger pricker, lancets. Not glucagon kit, it’s to big, you can use this space for something else like glucose tablets or else. The material can be waterproof in case of rain, or a spill. Just my thoughts

For me it would need to hold a fast acting carb like the 10 pack tube of glucose tabs, with all the other basics. I carry the glucagon separately but keep glucose gel in his pod case.

Hi - it’s not something through OmniPod - it’s something I thought about doing on the side. Of course, it’s more complicated than I thought and with two little kids, is turnig out to be pretty challenging. I just hate the fact that thee aren’t any choices for holding all this stuff out there. I feel like we either have the case that came with it or we’re using a case that has nothing to do with diabetes. My goal is to try to pair down all the stuff we have to carry. Now that I’ve finally gotten rid of the diaper bag, my goal is to actually be able to carry a purse!!

Thanks, your post is very helpful. Am I the only one who’s carrying around the glucagon kit?

Thanks - good point! What about an extra pod?

I keep extra pods in a separate case (with the glucagon). Caleb’s pod case has: PDM (which I agree would be great if it fit with the skin) a poker, strips, glucose tabs (currently 5 in an old test strip case of another maker), gel and a couple other smaller things. I just wish the glucose tabs fit better and the case was more protective.

My bigger case includes pods, insulin, batteries, extra lancets, glucagon, epipen, triple antibiotic, Unisolve, alcohol swabs and ketostix. Good golly that’s quite a laundry list!

The most useful thing to me is a day-to-day case. So smaller is definitely better, and no glucagon kit. I don’t even know where my glucagon kit is.

A clear, business card sized pocket on the outside for inserting contact info – great in case the kit gets lost.

Other than that, it should hold: the PDM (with gel skin), vial of insulin, two vials of test strips, an old-school syringe, spare pod, alcohol swabs, lancing device, and spare lancets. Maybe spare AAA batteries.

Good luck!

I would be interested in a case that held everything…(maybe offer a bigger one that would hold the Glucagon pen and a smaller one that wouldn’t, I don’t carry one) in an organized way, but for me it would have to be cute. If it’s not attractive, I would just continue to use the makeup bags I favor now…everything fits but is thrown in in a jumble. I would be willing to pay for organization but would absolutely want a choice of fabric styles. I prefer soft sided as it takes up less room.
Good luck on your new business venture. Have you thought of a name? Who was the cute young woman who created the carry-all kits for pens a while back? She asked for input from members. Maybe researching those old forum discussions would give you some ideas.

Thanks Elaine for all the good tips. I agree, cute is important. I’ll try to research the pen person. Thanks again!

I haven’t carried a glucagon kit since I was first diagnosed two decades ago, actually, and those I know who keep one on hand keep it at home usually. I suggest that you leave out that space. It doesn’t need to be in a carrying case. Those of us who wear CGM systems with the pod will already be accommodating other diabetes devices and supplies, so if people want to carry glucagon, it seems like they can find an alternative solution as well.

You’re welcome…I hope it works out for you! Exciting!
Another thought…soft sided would most likely be lighter (and maybe easier to have made.) My purse is heavy enough.

For me, a daily use case would be minimalist: no need for glucagon or even an extra pod/insulin vial. The days when I’m going to be far enough from home that I would need an extra pod and insulin are rare, and those times I just keep the pod in my car and carry the vial in my pocket (or wife’s purse).
Honestly, I will never be interested in anything even as big as the one that Insulet includes with the PDM - as a guy it’s just too big. I need something that is minimal, ideally that can squeeze into the pocket of cargo pants or cargo shorts (I’m a realist and don’t expect to fit into jeans or slacks pockets).

I carry a case that is 7"L x4.5"W x 3.5"H and it contains the PDM, OneTouch meter, Vial of strips, MultiClix lancet, vial of insulin in protective boot (, 1 syringe, small case for 4 glucose tabs (, spare pod, small tube for strip disposal, small tube for misc, 2 spare AAA batteries, alcohol and IV Prep wipes, card with PDM settings. Everything fits nicely with no spare room.

My optimal case would be something about the same size but have an cover on both the top and bottom so I can divide the “everyday” items from the “emergency” ones. That would mean there would be a “floor” in the middle of the case. Another nice idea do add would be the ability to separate (unzip?) the two halves making the case thinner for when you just want to take the “everyday” items and leave the spare pod & other “emergency” items behind.

HI - I agree with you - my intent was to do exactly that - make the case thicker and have an emergency hatch underneath the right hand side where the zip pocket is. My hubby thinks it would be too bulky to carry around everyday and it seems from some of the comments that most people don’t carry around the glucogon. I do because the drs. told me to!! Maybe now that Will is 3.5 years old and is starting to notice when he’s low, I can be ok without carrying it everywhere I go. I like the idea of including glucotabs in the case. Thanks for your comments.

I think the glucagon kit I have expired in 1997. I think it’s in my hall closet… :o) I know, I should take care of that. However, I’ve only had one scare in my life and with the OmniPod I’m much more on top of my levels. Other than that, I’m a well-behaved diabetic!

I use this daily to carry the New OPod PDM a MultiClix, Test Strips (Which I hate the bulky round container why cant it be flat the strips are) my license and credit card maybe headphone and it breathes and stretches so when im on the harley i can also put my Blackberry in and listen to tunes while riding or on occasion I put Sexy Dexy in there with Opod PDM they get along great and its best I have found so far… with that said I Insulet would get there straight and make a case with a clip just like the first PDM case i loved that thing! kept it handy for me all the time Thanks


Wow - that’s a very cool product!! Thanks for showing it to me.

I would prefer a two case solution, with a small, essentials only case and then a larger one to hold “everything”. For the “small” case I’d even forgo space for an extra pod, and definitely no glucagon kit (although right now I do carry a glucagon kit inside the OmniPod-issued case, I just took it out of the red case and wrapped it in a zip lock back). So I think it can get a smaller than the current OmniPod case (even if you accommodate the gel skin, which I think is a good idea). Also, I’ve been looking for good solution to pack 4 or 5 glucose tabs without using a cylinder (which is bulky)–laying them flat saves a lot of space.