Pretty pod cases

Just found these pod cases from a post over at Diabetes Daily.

Click on “Additional Accessories” to see them.

I’ve been using a case from the Accu-Chek Aviva glucose monitor since I got my pod, because the case that came with the pod was way too big for every day use. The Aviva case fits the Omnipod PDM, the lancet, and a container of test strips perfectly. There’s also a pouch for extra batteries or alcohol wipes or whatever. And it’s small - that’s a huge thing for me, I don’t want to be carrying around a huge case all the time!

They’re also CHEAP - $3.25 each! I ordered 4 of them and with shipping & tax it came to just over $20.

The only thing I didn’t like about the Aviva case is that it’s just ugly black. I’ve been looking for a prettier alternative for months, I had no idea that Accu-check itself made prettier cases, so I thought I’d pass it on!

Thanks for sharing!

thanks for the tip! Those are awesome, and I woluld have had no idea they fit the PDM…
I currently use a little quilted bag that I found while traveling in India, which isn’t any smaller than the original OmniPod case, but is a more purse-friendly shape…
I’m forever on a quest for the perfect bag, though… and once I finally found one I loved for my meter, I switched to the OmniPod, and obviously it wasn’t the right size anymore…
Why is it so hard to be a stylish diabetic?

No kidding! I know there’s some places out there making bags specially designed to carry diabetic supplies, but so far I’ve found nothing that’s perfect for me. The closest is the Accu-chek case.

Ideally I’d love to find a small bag that holds the Omnipod stuff, my cell phone, and my wallet. No luck with that so far, but I’m gonna keep looking!

I actually have used the OmniPod case for all of that stuff. I shove my phone and keys in the back, mesh pocket, mony and a pillbox in the inside velcor pocket and all my diabetes-relatedjunk in the interior mesh pocket.
I tried using one of those purse insers (the ones you are supposed to be able to take out of your purse and throw it in the next, but I couldnt ever find one small enough with a zipper on top, so everything was always falling out…

they have some leather diabetic portfolios, but they are very expensive and really big, but they seem well-made. I ordered one of the specially made cases and they just didn’t seem well made to me… and also very large… I just ordered one of the pretty accu-check cases, they are certainly a bargain!
I’m traveling back to India soon and will definately keep an eye out for anything similar to what I have but more compact…


At least they are making pretty alert jewelry now!

Thank you for posting this. I ordered three new cases for my OmniPod, and they came today. They’re a perfect fit and super cute!

Thanks just ordered two. :slight_smile:

For some reason I can’t order these online? Darn it. I keep getting some error. Guess i will call them?
Thanks for posting. SO CUTE!

Here’s a photo that should answer your questions:

Shannon’s picture is great.

The only semi-complaint that I have is that the strip that goes around the PDM is not clear, so it covers a bit of the screen - the part that labels each of the buttons (“Home”, “Status”, “Select” etc). But it’s not too big of a deal - for bolusing I don’t even look at the button labels anymore, my fingers know which buttons to click. And if I do need to see that text, it’s easy to move the PDM so they’re not obscured.

Still, that’s pretty good for a case that’s designed for an entirely different device!

These look great! Now…I have a son so the pretty ones don’t do it for us but I do have a question. They have a black one. The black case that came with the OP doesn’t hold it with its skin on. Will this case hold the PDM with its skin on?

I don’t think the PDM will fit with the skin on. I haven’t tried it, but it’s a pretty tight fit as it is.

I just got mine and I love it…Thank you SO much for sharing it!!!