Omni pod case

Just curious what everyone is using...not really a fan of the case that it came does hold everything but not the most stylish item to carry arround.

I use a camera case for the PDM, strips, lancet device and spare batteries. Hot glued a swivel clip the back so I can just hook it on my pocket or belt.

There are a couple things I don't like about the case, but overall like it.

1. It's soft sided. I'd prefer more rigidity in the case. Kinda like a camera bag, but maybe not quite so much. It's a fight to zip it up every time because of this.
2. There's no room for a spare pod! (or two) Seriously Insulet. A spot for an insulin vial, but no pod? Half baked on that one me thinks.
3. The velco PDM holder stinks. There's got to be a better way to secure the PDM to the case. A rigid sides holder is one idea. Or maybe at least better velco strips, reversed in hook loop parts too. It seems backwards.

These items would make it a tad bigger, but that's worth the extra size to be able to work properly and carry 100% of needed items.

I bought a bag from fox creek leather to carry everything I need. It is small enough to fit on a belt but large enough to hold all my things.I guess you could call it a man bag. I do have to be carefull not to leave it on the seat of the car as it looks like it should have an I pod in it.

I bought a small rectangle purse with a long strap, a main zip pocket and 2 outter pockets. I carry my PDM, meter, and carb counter in main compartment, my extra stuff in the other 2 zip pockets and just sling it across my shoulders for carrying.

Hi. Check out Sugar Medical Supply's selection of bags. Their bags fit the PDM, and they just announced they are working with OmniPod and releasing a bag just for POD users. I love my pink dot bag....they make bags for guys too.

Now, what guy wouldn't love a pink polka dot bag?

Thanks for the tip about sugar medical i checked it out and they will be offering 2 styles and you can preorder.... one is pink with hearts and the other is a grey plaid ..... i think i am going to order the grey one as it is a bit more corporate friendly but still an improvement over black

Those bags look almost 100% identical to the bag I recieved with my PDM a few weeks ago. Although, mine's not pink polka dot ;)

Yeah...the company is working with Omni Pod so they probably are the same. The Omni Pod logo is on them.

I just use a camera case that I got at Walmart. It holds the pdm and a small lancing device that I have and then have a pill container that I use to hold the test strips. Like to travel light. Do carry extra supplies when traveling or going a further road trip....

I found a zipper case at the dollar store for games. I cut off the straps and 'Voila' is perfect. Has a little zipper thing for the extra batteries and insulin bottle, al. Cost one buck!

Just found this from a blog post here on

It's called a "Golf Mini Day Bag", it comes in a ton of colors and logos. Just ordered it and will come back to give a review after I recieve it.

kennedy puts her diabetic stuff pod, insulin strips, etc.. in a coach wristlet purse, it's gold leather super stylish, and meets the requirements of 7th grade branding... ha ha

This is the case my son also uses for an outing where a backpack or other bag is not allowed - NHL Hockey games, Texas Rangers games, prom, etc - because it will fit in a pocket in a jacket, suit or cargo pants. The square one is just too big to fit.

A pod taken out of the plastic case will actually fit in the outer zipper pocket with it's syringe and a wipe.


How well did it work for you?

Mine goes in my Fossil wallet: ![|375x480](upload://4ghGfWknULDHCQzp3VjUujjMGe2.jpeg)

I really like these little cases. Still not perfect, but better in a few ways to the case sent with the Omnipod setup. In this case I can put the PDM, test strips, an extra bottle of insulin, alcohol wipes, some glucotabs, extra batteries, AND an extra pod in case I need one of those. Only thing I miss is being able to open the case wide like a book. But that's a minor issue. Strapping the case to my belt is easy and making carrying the whole setup a lot nicer in some situations.

This isn't my design, but I totally plan on making one soon:
Here is the link from Reddit.