HELP! Omnipod not answer phone?

Do they just not answer the phone sometimes?
PDM failure…
800-591-3455 Customer support.

Its been 40 minutes of ringing…


I just called and got one ring, then message that it was omnipod. But hung up, appears to be working. Is there another phone you can try calling from?

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You got a message, eh? Phone number checks out. I will hang up and call again…

Got 'em - its because I dialed 1-800. Should have dialed 800-


I tried both, using 1-800 and without 1, and both worked for me.

Strange. If I had low blood sugar, I would not have figured that out.

Thanks for walking me through how to make a phone call, @MM1! Your the best!
Tech support for calling tech support. I’m an idiot.

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It’s possible there was some glitch or power outage, etc on their side.

Glad you got through, hope they resolved your issue.

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Back up and running. I suspect its reaching the end of its life. I’ve had it since the beginning of time…just keeps truckin’. Good reminder to have basal in the fridge.

Don’t they keep working even if your controller is not working?

Maybe that was an assumption.

Depends. I think there is 2-way communication between the Pod and controller. But, of course, when you need to change the pod, you require the controller to do that, so the max amount of time it will run without a controller is 3 days.

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