OmniPod Innards

I just started on the pod last week, so I’m sure this is old news for many, but I’m fascinated by the inside of these things!

One caution, if your playing around with an unused pod, spinning the small wheel near the vial will cause the needle to deploy. You gotta keep your hands away from the insertion area or you’ll get a cannula in your finger.

You can open your spent pods and take the size 357 batteries out. I’m gonna save up a stash and make these:

I’ve also found that you can draw out insulin from the pod by cracking it open and jamming the needle you’re supplied with directly into the internal vial. Seems like a decent option for drawing out insulin from a pod that fails during or shortly after priming. I bet some endos counsel against recovering insulin like this, so proceed at your own risk.

Always fun to play, most of us just draw insulin out of an old pod but inserting the needle into the fill port and pulling the insulin out the same way we put it in. Do not try to insert air into the fill port first as this will just force the insulin out of the cannula. This works for me about 90% of the time… occasionally I have a pod that for some reason I can’t get the insulin back out of the fill port but it’s rare.

That sounds much easier. Can you draw from the filling port even after the pod has dispensed a fair amount of insulin? Or only immediately after priming?

I don’t draw insulin out after the pod has been on for more than a day and a half… so I’ve always gotten at least 50 units out of it, but I don’t see why you couldn’t do it anytime.

LOL, those throwies are awesome. =)

I’ve had passing thoughts about trying to save the batteries, but I couldn’t think of any use for them other than to sell them on ebay. =P

Me too. Any idea how much they sell for? :wink: My other use for 'em is to arrange them into geographical shapes; did a great version of the African continent the other day. Might have a crack at the Americas soon!

So I just pryed my first pod open - those are amazing little things! Thanks for the advice about the wheel, that would have taken me for surprise :slight_smile:

Was testing out some new toys I got and I snapped these.