The insides

Curiosity finally got the best of me and I had some time on my hands, so I decided to finally take apart the new pod. It was much tougher than the old version to take apart due to the use of epoxy vs. silicone in the old pods.

I found that a dremel tool round the outside works to open them, but it’s still enough work to make battery re-use difficult.

I just used my trusty Benchmade to open the pod, it was more fun that way. Yeah if you were doing this to re-use the batteries, I would say its not worth it.

Does anyone have a pic of old pod to put side by side with the new pod see differences of the insides?

I took apart the first one I had used. Seems to me if they could find a different battery that would work, they could make these pods even smaller. Though I do understand the cheap and easy concept with the battery they currently use. Or maybe also make a larger reservoir for those of us with insulin resistance problems.

The biggest improvement I'd like to see right now is some work on the mechanics, as I've been disappointed in the automatic cannula insertion for the new pods. It's very unpredictable compared to the older pods.

I am not on the new system yet but I feel I can wait. I have been on the old system almost 6 months now and have had no issues at all. I do understand that ppl tell about the issues more then the positive so might seem like a lot of ppl with a lot of issues with the new pods which make me a bit nervous to convert to them. Hoping once I get it the issues will all be sorted out. LOL. apparently they have started sending them out this month in Canada