Thigh Pod

Sooo, I was thinking about trying the pod on my thigh…but am curious. Where exactly do you place it? Is it comfortable? Please give me some advice =) Thanks!

We have placed it on my son’s inner thigh and that worked fine for him. Keep in mind he is 7 years old and very active. Be sure you have it in a place where there is a little more fat and not muscle/bony area. We place the pod on his arms, stomach, lower back area, and thighs. He hasn’t complained about any of the spots yet.

I placed it on the front of my thighs and it worked ok. Not as good absorption as my arms and back so I tend to stick to those places, but I won’t take it off my list of options! :slight_smile:

I tried my thigh after about a month or so… and I’m actually wearing it there right now! I keep hearing about people trying their inner thigh… but that just doesn’t make much sense to me, lol. So… I wear it on the outer thigh. Anywhere will work, really. I tend to put it right wear my hand falls by my side.

In general, it’s a pretty good place to wear it. It stays on firm… and doesn’t move when exercising/running. However… every once in a while, I’ll hit a sensitive spot (this can happen anywhere, though, really.).

Oh! I almost forgot. Be careful when taking your pants off! Lol! If I’m not thinking… I’ll pull my pants off so fast, I’ll catch the pod. That hurts!

I’ve used it on my thigh three times now. I’ve found that placing it on the top of the thigh is best for me. Once I placed it on my inner thigh and had terrible absorption. Another time I placed it too high on my thigh and it didn’t work well either. I’m still figuring out the thighs but the one that worked worked really well!

Awesome! Thanks for all the feedback! Thank you, Cody, for the picture…it really helped me =)

Here is a link to the sheet on placement on Omnipod’s website.

I have not had good absorption there, but decided to try it again yesterday. Mine is about where Cody’s is but more to the outside. Seems to be working good there.

I use my upper, innner right and left thighs as part of my regular rotation. It’s great for summertime because it’s totally hidden by my shorts. I also use that site for basketball, as the pod is less likely to get ripped off there. I do get occlusions more often there, probably because there is more motion at those sites than on my abdomen. I also have occasionally gotten pod failures from static electricity, most likely due to the satin lining of my dress slacks. Those are pretty rare, however. As a plus, I’ve found that insertion generally is painless on my thighs. As a minus, unless I shave the site (which I’ve done only rarely), removal can be more painful from pulling hair.

thank’s for the link!

So far my favorite place to place the pod is my outer thigh right where my arm falls by my thighs. Works great for exercising, swimming, etc. … It is completely out of your way and out of sight (unless you wear form fitting cloth I guess) I second Emily’s advice of being careful ripping jeans/pants off lol.
Be careful of the inner thigh since the skin/tissue there is more sensitive. Go for it! and let us know how it turns out

Ok, my pod peeps =) I put the pod on my thigh today and its awesome! absorption seems to be good so far, we will see how it goes! thanks again to everyone who responded!

Were on your Thigh inne or outtie or behind? Do tell Im thingking of trying to Thanks

outer side of the thigh. if you take a look at the fist comment, cody has posted a picture of where he put his…that’s how i got the positioning from. best of luck!

Well I went for an inne move and it feels like the pod will falloff every time I walk I wonder if movement of the legs is too much my arm doesnt move and jar up and down like your legs so far its still on we will see I walk alot at work tomorrow and see What about the back of the upper calf? Any try there? Thanks